Monday, October 5, 2015

E-mail 10/05/2015

Hi Family!
This has been a slow wet week.  Monday was Elder Wallace's last p-day, so we emailed, then got some fried chicken, because he loves fried chicken, went home and he packed.  That was about the extent of our day. Tuesday, we had transfer meeting, which is always fun, especially because I actually know other missionaries there. Bro. Roy, our branch mission leader, took us home and we were going to take the bus to go shopping.  We got home right before it got there but we weren't able to catch it and they only come once an hour.  We were at our apartment for a little while and then walked down to a different bus stop that would take us to the church.  We were almost there when we saw the bus drive by, and this one only comes once an hour too.  So we walked back to our apartment again, did some things there that we needed to, then walked back to the bus and caught it!  We then got to the church, did the things there that we needed to, then went out with Bro. Roy and his son teaching, and we had an awesome lesson with a guy that will be baptized in November.  We then went BACK to the church for our bible study where Elder Morrow and I taught about the Fall; it went well.
On Thursday we had an amazing district meeting about faith, how we can grow our own, and how we can help our investigators grow their's . We had another powerful lesson with our investigator Dennie, the one that we talked with Tuesday, then had dinner with a less active family.
Friday we had our weekly planning and then I found out that I got something in the mail! Thanks Family, I will be sending you pictures! By the way, those cookies are amazing! Thank you! then went up to the church to do some things online.  We got permission from the A.P.s to go out of our zone to the closest Wal-mart to go get gloves so we wouldn't freeze in the freezing rain that hit.  We then proceeded to go on an adventure; first we got on the wrong bus so we had to walk the rest of the way.  Then we got there and just barely missed the bus and had to wait an hour, then took the bus back to the church where we left our bikes, barely missed the bus that would take us back down so we stopped at a Wendy's, had dinner then started to ride down the road in heavy rain and as we are riding the bus passes us, so we proceeded to chase the bus for the next two blocks and we finally made it home, cold, wet, and dirty.  Our app to track the buses was having a bad day.
Saturday and Sunday were the same, watch General Conference! It was amazing! A lot of missionaries were guessing Elder Rasband would be chosen.  I only had two guesses, Elder Zwick or Elder Allen Packer, but I was wrong. Next week is going to be interesting, because you will know who watched conference, because everyone that did will be asking me if I'm related to Devin Durrant.  I did like his challenge to ponderize. Then today we went on another little adventure with the buses.  Moral of the story? It stinks having to rely on the bus system.
My scripture for the week is 2 Nephi 31:20
Love you all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

Me and Elder Morrow
I'm happier than a tornado in a trailer park!
Cookies! Muffins!...and a potato? 
That is the first time I have ever heard 
of a missionary getting a potato in the mail, 
I love it!
Wet and dirty pants
Hash browns!
My plate! Not as good as the one back home, 
but still really good!
Elder Morrow likes the breakfast too!

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