Monday, October 12, 2015

E-mail 10/12/2015

Hi Family!
This week has been full of interesting events. Monday, well... We had taken Elder Morrow's bike to get it fixed, but the bike shop was closed, so on the way home we stopped by the library to email.  Elder Morrow didn't take his bike lock, but we thought it would be alright.  While we where emailing, we saw these kids looking at the bike, but before we got up they had grabbed the bike and we went after them, but they just barely got away, and we are still trying to find it, for now, Elder Morrow is borrowing another Elder's bike.

Tuesday, we did a LOT of service, and had the bible study. This week Elder Morrow and I will be teaching it, all about the Abrahamic covenant, that will be fun.

Thursday was amazing, we had district meeting, and it was about how we can't really prove if the Book of Mormon is true or not by facts, but we need to follow Moroni's promise exactly. Then after district meeting we had an exchange where Elder Seymore came here, and Elder Morrow went to his area, and it was an amazing learning experience. Oh and after district meeting, I shared some of my cookies with everyone.  They say Thank you Momma Durrant! And that includes President and Sister Brough!

Friday all four of us help a lady move some things out of her kitchen so she can remodel it and I was the only one who came properly attired, I need to get the picture from another Elder so I will send it next week. Then all four of us biked to their apartment to get Elder Morrows stuff, it was a funny site.

Saturday we got to see two of our investigators with baptismal dates that we hadn't seen the past week.  The first one in the morning we ended up being there for two hours helping him and his wife get over some things, and because they our full of good questions. Then the other one in the evening went really well, we showed him the Joseph Smith video, and several of his concerns came out.  I didn't think people still think we worship Joseph Smith, nether did he but he wasn't sure, but that goes to show that there are still confused people out there.

Sunday all four Elders and one of the youth gave talks, but I did find out there is truth to the saying that there is an invisible heat lamp right above the pulpit.  I was so excited to give the talk but right when I stood there it became very hard to think, and it got hot, this will need further investigation.

Well sneak peek into next week, this Saturday Me and Elder Morrow will be heading down to E-town for a baptism! I'm so excited!!! Well that's it for this week.

Love you all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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