Monday, June 29, 2015

E-mail 06-29-2015

And another week down.
It's hard to believe it's been 3 months already, the time sure has flown by, and it will be an interesting Saturday, I'm going to be working hard, but not as hard as last year's 4th of July, THAT was a lot of work! but unfortunately I won't be able to blow things up ether, so sad.
But in other news, we had interviews this last Saturday with President and Sister Brough, and they were awesome! We also had a training meeting from the A.P.s, and that was really cool too.  The rest of the day, Elder Chandler and I traveled to several different states, in this order, Michigan, Missouri, Utah, Jersey, and Connecticut, so that was a lot of fun! Although most of them ether ended with an AVE or a CT, so no I really didn't visit those states, but there really are streets here with those names, it was hilarious.
It's been really cool, the past couple of weeks there have been several baptisms in this ward, though half of them have been kids from the ward, and the other half have been the Zone Leaders, so that's a little disappointing, but oh well, they are still getting baptized.  We had one of are investigates come to one of them, and She loved it! it was B-awesome.
And I can't forget...oh wait, what was I about to type... oh yes.
Happy Birthday Andrew, Happy Birthday Matthew!!! ye old farts! No matter how old I get I will always be younger then you.

Love you all!
Elder Durrant

German candy!

Monday, June 22, 2015

E-mail 06/22/2015

     Hey Y'all!
     Nope, still sounds weird.
     Well not a whole lot got done this week, we've had A LOT of rain, and with taking time to work with the Ipads, it's been a slow week.
     Well this last week we went on exchanges with our District leader.  He was here in my area, and Elder Chandler went with his companion to their area.  The Lord must not want me in a car area, or he's teaching me a lesson, or something, but only once have I been in a car area doing work, but it doesn't matter, as long as I'm where the Lord wants me to be, I'm not going to complain.
     Last night we had an awesome lightning storm.  It would light up the sky every few seconds, but it was so far away that there wasn't that many thunder cracks.  Most of the ones that did make a boom, made a BOOM!  It was awesome!!!
     Well I just wanted to wish Seth a Happy 16th Birthday! and a Happy Father's Day to you Dad!
     It's so weird, this is the start of my 11th week out here, but it feels like I've been out here a lot longer than that. But I guess that means this will be the quickest, slow 2 years of my life so far.
     Well the scripture and thought I wanted to share this week is:
Alma 56:10 & 48
   10 And I did join my two thousand sons, (for they are worthy to be called sons) to the army of Antipus...
The part where he says "for they are worthy to be called sons" was one of those things I never really saw before, and it made me think, they where worthy to be called the sons of their Fathers, the sons of Moroni, and above all they where worthy to be called the sons of God. So what I would like to leave you all with is, we all should strive to be worthy to be called the Children of God and Children of are Parents.

And they rehearsed unto me the words of their mothers (and fathers), saying: We do not doubt our mothers (and fathers) knew it.

Love you all!
Elder Durrant

Monday, June 15, 2015

E-mail 06/15/2015

     Hey everyone!
     How's all y'all doing?
     Yes I'm still working on the southern accent.
     Well this week has been full of biking. Like yesterday on our way home we where racing, and when we got there, Elder Chandler got there first, but he had to cut across the grass to do it, so otherwise I would have gotten there first.  Then our neighbor (this nice older lady) told us that she was going to give us a ticket for racing. Ha ha.  But seriously we've been doing A LOT of biking and teaching.  Also, there are these kids in the neighborhood that like to talk with us, and two of them are determined to ride my bike.  My bike is bigger and heaver than both of them combined, and they are barely taller than it  (I still need to figured out what I'm going to call my bike)  so there is no way they will be riding it, but they keep trying anyway.
     Last Monday we went by a war memorial and got some pictures with a tank (I'll be sending pictures) and it's cool how I'm glowing in it!
     On Tuesday, we taught the deaf lady again, it's very interesting and I need to work on my ASL, I hope everything works out,  She has a baptismal date and seems to be understanding everything.
     Then on Wednesday, me and Elder Chandler went from one corner of our area to another corner to help these people move a cabinet from up stairs to the main floor, and it was one of those things that you wander how they got it up there in the first place.  Then we biked four or five blocks down to meet up with the zone leaders for a meeting with the ward mission leader, and we did all of this in the space of 30-40 minutes.  Was I tired afterwords!
     On Thursday night, we had gone to a members house and we shared a message and then they took us to another members home where the people were having a get together with friends in the ward.  You know the worst part about it?  There were all these little kids and I couldn't play with them, IT WAS AWFUL! but the food was really good.  It was funny, we got talking with one of the Moms on what happened when we would fight or not behave during church when we where little and I shared with her Dad's favorite scripture in Mosiah and how you would make us memories it then resite it back to him, she said she loved it and would try it out. Ha ha.
     Then on Friday, we had Zone Meeting, and President Brough showed up. The meeting was awesome, and afterwords I showed the picture with the tank and asked him if it was a mission appropriate vehicle, he said no. I then said "but I'm glowing with the spirit." He said, and these are he's exact words (I think) "No you are not glowing with the spirit, you are glowing with the pride of being on a vehicle of the United States Army, Gad bless it!" He is so funny and he loves saying things like that, because he used to be in the air force.
Love you all!
Elder Durrant

I'm glowing with pure awesomeness!!!   
This is cool!
This is why I do most of the cooking 
This is why I do most of the cooking

Monday, June 8, 2015

E-mail 06/08/2015

     What A week!
     Well not much happened for the first few day's of the week, but part of Friday and Saturday we've been helping this member trim his hedges to 10 feet, these things ranged in height from 10 1/2 feet to 14 feet if not taller, and we might be going back today, if this rain would stop, (there is way too much water around here!)  I am really sore, but I have realized something, I really do miss lawn work, but I know for a fact that this work will last longer than any lawn will.
     Last Saturday, the other Missionaries here in E-town had a baptism that we went to, which was fun.  We are hoping to have one of our own soon.
     Sunday I had me first BBQ for the year, that was fun.
     I have found out that some plants in the East are very confused, they like to loose their leafs in the spring and first part of summer, not in the fall.
     It was funny, that guy we are teaching because Elder Chandler fell off his bike, we where at his house the other day and was showing him some of the Mormon Messages and Bible video's, and when he saw the one where Jesus was coming the storm, he loved it and said to someone else that was there (he leaned over to us and said "this be in Black people terms") "Jesus be all like why you all tripping yo?" It was awesome!
     Well this week we were going to be having a mission tour with Elder Zwick, but it was postponed until August, we can only speculate why, but it will be exciting when it does happen.
Love you all!
Elder Durrant

Monday, June 1, 2015

E-mail 06/01/2015

     What a week!
     First off, my hands have not caught on fire yet for having an Apple Ipad, but there's still time for that to happen, and no Adam you can't do it.  But we got them on Friday and Elder Chandler would get one of the only ones that don't work, so I have to keep an eye on mine until he gets his.
     Well one of the cool things that happened to me and Elder Chandler this week, we are teaching a deaf lady, and I couldn't help but think that it would be nice to have Shari here to translate, but things are working out fine, and who knew that the gift of tongues could happen with sign language, but it can!
     Then on Saturday, we went to a wedding that was interesting, the ceremony was a mixes of Christen and Celtic and the food was Italian.  Then we went over to an Eagle court of honor, and I was asked to sit in the "Eagle's nest" (Where everyone that got theirs sat) because I was told to, but I think the whole thing is just really funny how it happened! :)
     It's cool, we have three people with a baptismal date.  The Lady with the soonest, well, there are things going on that sometimes I just want to (and I'm sure MANY people can relate to this) grab the devil by the scruff of the neck and say while shaking him about "Leave her alone!!!!"  But she is going to get baptized anyway because she knows it's true.
     I do have to say that when I heard that Elder Parry past away, it hit me hard, because the last Apostle to die that I remember was President Hinckley, but it will be awesome to see who will be the next Apostle.
     In the last two weeks I have come to several conclusions:
1. They get WAY to much rain over here.
2. The ground out here is too soft, I feel like I'm going to fall in.
3. People out here (at lest here in E-town) don't fry everything.
4. People out here like to put bacon on, in, and over a lot of things, which I'm not complaining about.
     Well stay tuned next week for another exciting adventures of Elder Durrant. 

Love you all!
Elder Durrant

I believe they are making a third bridge from KY to IN  
There is something wrong with this picture.