Monday, January 18, 2016

E-mail 01/11&18/2016

Good freezing morning!

Monday 1/4, Not a whole lot happened, but that night we did see some less actives, who we are trying to get them to come back to church every week.

Tuesday 1/5, That morning we did our weekly service, then we got dropped off at a members house so we could get our hair cut, but they forgot, so we made our way home, had lunch, got a shower then went out to work. That night we had dinner at the Relief Society Presidents house then went over a list of less actives we've been going by.

Wednesday 1/6, the only thing that really happened was we taught a young man that has been taught for years, and is dragging his feet about it too.

Thursday 1/7, We weren't able to get a whole lot done.

Friday 1/8, That was a good day, we saw the Adams Family, and when we got there they told us it was there anniversary and had told everyone not to call them, but they really wanted us to come over and we had an awesome lesson, that was really cool. Later in the day we saw some less actives and had dinner with the Roy's.

Saturday 1/9, was another cold slow day, we were able to see some people, but not a lot happened.

Sunday 1/10, We had branch conference, that was really cool, and we had a meeting with the stake mission leader. Then afterwards we had a pot luck.

Monday 1/11, We spent most of the day with a family, playing games with them.

Tuesday 1/12, So this was probably the best day because, one: Zone Conference, which was awesome! I learned so much. And two: that night we took two members with us to see the Adams, and he has a date for the 30th. Well, after the four of them got to know each other, the Adams whispered to each other, then looked at us and told us that they want him to be baptized before Elder Morrow goes home as their driving force to progress. This is exciting, but we hadn't taught them the word of wisdom yet, so we didn't know how we were going to do that. But then the two members we brought looked at us excitedly and asked us what was left, so we told them and they said we could do it now, even though we had been there for an hour already. So we taught them the word of wisdom, they accepted it, were a little unsure if they could live it, so we gave both a priesthood blessing. After that they gave us their bad stuff, and the members took us home. Right after we were saying a prayer of thanks and before we could leave the car, the Adams called us and felt really bad because they didn't give us everything and felt so guilty they threw it out themselves! It was pretty awesome!

Wednesday 1/13, we helped with the Bishops food truck, and then saw several less actives that day.

Thursday 1/14, We were on exchange, and I was here.  We weren't able to teach anyone, but we did get a lot accomplished, with tracking people down and getting return appointments.

Friday 1/15, We did our weekly planning and saw even more less actives.

Saturday 1/16, We did more help for the people we do service for on Tuesdays, well afterwards one of them (Who is a retired baptist seminary professor) took us to Golden Corral. We saw more people and the Adams that night.

Sunday 1/17, we had an extremely multi-stake conference, over a hundred stakes in 14 states, it was really good. And the best part, the Adams came! Afterwards we taught the second to last temple prep class.

Love you all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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