Monday, June 6, 2016

E-mail 06/06/2016

Monday; So like I said last week, we were out of power and had to spend part of our morning getting that taken care of, and ended up leaving the maintenance man to work on it. We then went through our day doing our thing, and crashed two BBQs that people there had the crazy idea to invite four missionaries over. Hahaha!
When we got home that night, we still had no power (headbanging), so since it was late, we just spent the night at some other elders apartment.

Tuesday; It worked out that we spent the night with the other elders, because we started an exchange that we had planned on doing anyway. I spent the day with Elder Conlin, and we spent the day teaching less actives, then had dinner at a active members home, then went to the church to take care of some things. We ended up trying to help the Hermana's teach a recent convert how to pronounce some of the words in the sacrament prayer, so that was interesting.

Wednesday; Was a very busy day. First we had district lunch, we went to Chili's (not my idea, but the food was good) and sang happy birthday to Elder Crystal. We then went to the church for district meeting and interviews with President Brough. I love interviews, they really care so much about each one of us and President is so inspired. Well as we were starting our district meeting, President came in and called Elder Crystal in for his interview, and told me I was temporarily the district leader and to keep things going. At first I was like "sweet! I'm in charge." The next moment I was like "Wait... I don't know what I'm doing!" So we finished what we were doing, and then with a huge prayer in my heart, we had a pretty good discussion on goals, and accountability. Thank you Dad & Mom for all you taught me about that, even though I wasn't the best at living it. Then we went and had dinner with a member.

Thursday; We had a bit of a slower day. We did some service in the morning, for a family that's moving in, and the parents are both college professors, so every time we did or said something smart, she would go, "college credits." I thought to myself, "At this rate, I'll finish college before I get off my mission!" We then saw one or two less actives.

Friday; Us and the zone leaders had lunch with Grandma Robinson at a pizza place that was really good. Then had a lesson with a less active family that we have been working on since I've been here, and we are slowly making progress. The four of us had dinner at a member's house that lives way out there, which was about a half hour drive away. They were really funny, and their son had a friend there. Those two reminded me so much of Adam and Allan, just not as violent.

Saturday; We did our weekly planning, and while we were in there it rained so we thought we were in the clear, because when we went out, it was clearing up, so we went out and we got absolutely soaked. When we got home and I took off my shoes, there was literally standing water in them. Well we got dried off and changed, then got picked up for the lesson we had for the two kids that are getting baptized.

Sunday; After church we went over the interview questions with the two kids, and they are looking good. And that evening we had dinner with a family and got a ride in his C63S Mercedes! It was awesome!

Elder Durrant

Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

Us at district lunch
Lunch with Grandma Robinson 
and the blue eyed moose

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