Monday, May 30, 2016

E-mail 05/30/2016

Another week down, and another one coming.

So this will be a short one because not a lot happened this week.

Monday, we had dinner with a less active lady that I've been told a lot about since the beginning of my mission.

Tuesday, we did service, by pulling up weeds out of sand.

Wednesday, we had district meeting, then that evening we had a member bring us dinner. She brought baked potatoes and so much stuff to put on them, it was great, we did share with the other elders. Later we biked up and taught the two kids that are getting baptized soon, they're funny kids.

Thursday, we had our coordination meeting. Our ward mission leader was running a little late, so we played a bit of basketball with his kids. Then that night we had dinner with some members, and their twenty something year old son (who I have never met before) picked us up, and I was a little confused because he's a spitting image of his dad. It was great, they are a lot of fun.

Friday, we did our weekly planning, then tried by a ton of people.

Saturday, we saw some less actives, some other people, and then taught the two kids again.

Sunday, church was good, except that it was really hot and during the third hour I actually think I blacked out a couple of times, because I can't remember parts of the lesson. Then we taught the two kids again right after church with their mom, and reviewed what we have taught them thus far. Then all four of us had lunch with the bishop, and they had the brilliant idea of biking there and back. It wasn't too bad, except I don't have a fast bike so it was interesting keeping up with them. On the way back a storm cloud came through and we got a "little" wet, but got inside, rested for a little bit. Later we heard it got really bad, and we even saw a whole tree down. Then from last night into this morning we had no power at our apartment, so we got to take care of that this morning.

Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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