Monday, August 29, 2016

E-mail 08/29/2016

Tuesday, we had interviews! It's always great talking with President and Sister Brough. Then we went on an exchange were Elder Husted (the district leader) came with me to my area, so I was in charged of a place I was only in for a week and a half, yippee... but it went pretty good. We went to one of the small towns near by, and I mean small, like under 400 people small. Well we tried by some former's and found some people to teach. And at one point we went to the ONLY gas station in town to use the bathroom, and while Elder Husted was in there, I started talking with the owner, he really likes missionaries, and said that where ever he goes in the US or Canada, he runs into missionaries. As we were talking, I thought about how he probably knows everyone in town, so I asked him if he knew of any opportunity to serve in the town, and he said that he could use some help, so we set up a time to go back the next day.

Wednesday, we went back to the gas station and learned how to stock shelves and stuff. Then he gave us free food, and as we were eating, he sat down with us and asked us questions about being a missionary. We were able to share the Book of Mormon with him and he said he would read it. We have set up with him to come back every so often to help out and follow up on his reading. He also told us to come by any time for food, so that's a good extra to it.

Thursday, we saw some of our investigators, potentials, and the resent convert.

Friday, we had an exchange with the zone leaders, and I went with Elder Smith to Newburgh, ya! Well, for undisclosed reasons, I drove us back, and this was my first time having to drive an hour from point A to point B, but it wasn't bad at all. Well, we ended up spending the whole time, trying by people who weren't home and talking with some others.

Saturday, we drove back to end the exchange, then I introduced Elder Long to our friend at the gas station. We helped out, got free lunch, and talked to him a bit about the Book of Mormon.

Sunday, the senior missionaries gave talks, and the subject was about the gospel of Jesus Christ, specifically repentance. Then the rest of the day was our regular routine.

Love y'all
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

Elder Long and I

A cantaloupe someone gave us

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