Monday, April 20, 2015

E-mail 04/20/2015

Hello everyone,
Wow has these pass 2 week been busy!  Well, I'm just going to skip most of the MTC.  So on Monday the 13th we got up at 3 in the morning and packed the last of our stuff in our bags, I almost forgot my watch and one of my name tags.  There were 8 of us leaving, me, my companion, two Sisters from my district, and four other Elders from a different district.  We put all of our stuff in a truck , and then got on the bus.  I helped one of the sisters with one of her bags, it was the smallest one but that thing was heavy, I later found out it was her shoe bag.  Then the bus took us to the FrontRunner station, and on the way I felt like I was in a different world, but it had only been 12 days.  We road the FrontRunner to Salt Lake City and got on the Trax (we did get to see the lights on the Church Office Building come on) and we went to the airport, which again, that bag was heavy.  We went through security pretty fast, and by now it's about 6-6:30.  I tried to call home with the phone card that I got from the MTC book store, but the phones there are awful.  I did finally call home, that was fun, I missed breakfast because of that, but I'm not complaining.  I finally got on the plane at about 8 am, I was in the middle.  Looking out the windows was not a good idea, so I just looked forward and told myself that I was just in a bus.  As long as I didn't look out for too long I was ok and I also got some pictures of the outside of the plane, on that flight we went to Georgia.  From Georgia, we then got on a smaller plane where we met up with 2 sisters and an elder from the Mexico MTC and we went to Kentucky.  When we got off that flight and met Pres. Brough, his wife, the 3 A.P.s, and an elder that is from Mexico and that his dad drove all the way up here to get him.  After we got are bags, most of us got in "Gus the bus" except 2 of the elders who road with Pres. Brough.  We went to his house (so there's the mission home which is his house, and then there's the mission office which is by a church, 2 or so miles from his house) and had dinner there.  That's when I got in trouble, so I ended up sitting next to Pres. Brough, and when I asked for seconds I thought he didn't hear me, so after a minute I asked again, and he turned to me and said "In this house we have to have seconds before thirds, so go get your seconds then later you can have thirds." So I went over and got my food.  After dinner he had us call home to let you know we got there safely and he said not to go 20 min, just let you know we were safe.  We mentioned that we called before we got on the plane, and it was brought up that I was on the phone for awhile, and he looks at me and told me to stick out my hand, so I did, and he lightly taps the top of my hand, so the first day I'm in the mission I get in trouble twice :)  The next day we went over to the church and we met our trainers, my trainer is Elder Chandler and he is a fun guy.  After some more instructing, we had lunch and went to are areas, I am now in Elizabethtown (e-town) Kentucky.  The past couple of days have been busy! My first meal here was literately a greeny meal.  Then we had a second dinner at someones else's house and I'm thinking that people here like Mexican food.  We've moved a lady's stuff, and met some interesting people.  On Thursday we had a small miracle, so this is what happened, we where going to go see this guy, but before we got too far my comp. stopped us and said we could go to someone else's place who is more likely to be there, so we prayed about it and we both felt like we should go visit this other lady, and before we left Elder Chandler said that if we have perfect faith we would see a miracle tonight.  Well long story short she wasn't home, and a couple of other people we talked with weren't interested, and it started raining so we got under cover by a shopping area.  We decided to go over to the other end where there are more people, and on the way over there I'm about 20-25 feet behind when Elder Chandler turned and his bike just falls out from underneath him and both of them slide a good 5-10 feet in the parking lot. I quickly get over there and he gets up laughing  and he hardly has a scratch on him.  Then as we're picking his stuff up this guy walks over to see if he's ok, then we get talking and now we have his contact info.  After he left we look at each other and there was our miracle! So cool!  Then on Friday we had zone a meeting, and afterwards we went on exchange with the Zone leaders.  I got to ride in the car more (they live about a block away from us) and while we were on exchanges, Elder Chandler lost the key's to our apartment, thankfully the Zone leaders had the spare. So that is most of the highlights here.  I did meet someone at church who knows, I think, it was the Tarbets, but I will have to double check.

Love you all
Elder Durrant

Thank you the cookie's, and the sweetish fish, and all the other stuff in it.

Me and my MTC companion
Look who I found (Sister McCarthy)
(He has some 1st cousins on the Durfee side
with the name of McCarthy)

My distract
My first Zone
Look who else I found
(His 1st cousins once removed on the 
Durrant side, they went into the 
MTC on the same day. She is going to the 
Salt lake East Mission. It goes up into Park City 
but the majority of it is actually in Wyoming.)
Matthew, David I have seen the light
Left to right, Sister Brough, Elder Chandler,
Elder Durrant, Pres. Brough
Sis Brough, Elder Chandler,
Elder Durrant, and the "real' Pres. Brough
What is that?
greeny food

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