Monday, April 27, 2015

E-mail 04/27/2015

Hi everyone.
   This week has been amazing; we've been working with several investigators and it's cool feeling and seeing how the Spirit helps people.  We have also gotten to do interesting things, like for instance, we cast an evil spirit out of a house, never thought I would be doing something like that! I did get a nice bike, I just don't know what I'm going to call it. (any suggestions?) 
    I'm getting to know the ward better, so me and my companion are over the inside part of Elizabethtown and the zone leaders with the car are over the outside and another small town. My companion and I are in this heated debate that I'm winning; it's whether a grid system for a city is better or not, and like I said I'm winning.
    I've been hearing a few last names that I know, like there's an Elder Durfee, an Elder Thorson, and a Sister Bennett. It's been hard getting up and staying awake during studies, but I was told a trick that works.  So I tried it, if you chew gum it keeps you awake, and it really works.  Oh and if anyone tells you Kentuckians eat lots of fried  food, tell them that it's a lie!  They eat lots of Mexican food, among other thing.  And Dad I know you told me to just listen to my trainer and not argue, but he and the 2 zone leaders are trying to get me to eat "White Castle" and that's one thing I can't do.  (Thanks Matthew for the heads up.) 
    Saturday night we had a thunderstorm and Elder Candler was saying I've seen nothing in Utah, so I told him he's raising my expectations up pretty high, and the storm wasn't that big.  Everyone telling me that they get big here, so I'll just have to wait and see.  Oh and that guy we talked with after Elder Candler fell off his bike, we talked with him and his girlfriend Sunday, and they want to know more, so it's pretty awesome.  
    This Friday we are heading up to Zone conference in Louisville, so that should be fun.  I got a new bike because no one was getting rid of theirs and it's a nice bike too.  It's cool, so that lady I mentioned last week, it was the Tarbets that she knows, so if you could ask them if they know a Sis Parker, that would be awesome, because she gave me, and the other Elders, but mainly me, brownies just because I know the Tarbets. Oh and I met someone with the last name Casteel.  Alike names all over the place.  I think that's all for now.
Love you all
Elder Durrant

me and my bike
that was our cookie!  
bug down here get way too big, this guy was 
about 4/5 of an inch
this guy was about 3 inches long

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