Monday, September 14, 2015

E-mail 09/14/2015

Monday was an interesting day; well first it was Elder Wallace's B-day and he's Mom sent some decorations and stuff for it, so we put those things up for her, otherwise Elder Wallace wouldn't have put them up, but it was fun.  We then went to the bus to go to the library, and we realized that it was closed, so we took the bus up to the mission office that's why the time was weird.  We stayed around there for a little while with the senior office mission couples, the Assistants, our Zone leaders, and then later our District leader showed up, so it was like we were having a district party with everyone except two of our Elders, it was fun!

Tuesday, we helped the non-profit organization again, and thankfully there were only five steps down to take the really heavy stuff. Now this is something that I have been trying to figure out all week, why Elder Wallace and I keep getting asked to help move really heavy things, when we have a 390 lbs Tongan missionary, that can bench 412 lbs and squat 800 lbs at our disposal? Go figure! Then after that we got to help with the Bishops storehouse truck, that's always fun, and I actually broke a sweat.  It's so weird having it drip off of you!

Wednesday, would never end, our appointments fell through so we got our weekly planning done.

Thursday, we went on an exchange and I went up with Elder Butler to his area, and we had a really cool experience.  My goal for the exchange was to work on answering questions that people have using the Book of Mormon.  The first person we were able to talk with, we were able to share a scripture that brought her to tears, and she told us that she really needed that, so that was very inspiring. Then that night, us and the Assistants helped a member move a table that the top was a big glass piece that was, no joke, 300-350 lbs.  Again, where was our Tongan Elder when we need him?  We were able to do it with only a few pinched fingers, then the member fed us, so all was good.

Friday, we had Zone Meeting, which is always fun! What's extra cool is that there are four other missionaries in the zone that came out with me.

Saturday was full of work, and we were able to meet some more members.

Sunday, Church was great, Elder Seymore gave a talk about not getting offended and stop going to church. Then after church they had a pot luck that they have once a month, and it was really good :)   We then went and taught a guy that calls us his "homeys".  It was a really good lesson, but about half way through we got interrupted, and we weren't able to finish.  We rescheduled for Tuesday, then our next appointment fell through so we were able to go help a member move.  That was interesting, especially when we moved the piano, again where is the Tongan?  But we got everything taken care of.

Monday, we went to the Louisville Slugger Museum, which was a lot of fun.  When we got there we ran into a member that works there and so we got a tour for free, and I got lots of pictures that I will send as soon as I can.

Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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