Monday, September 7, 2015

E-mail 09/07/2015

Hey y'all's!

This has been a long week. Monday, we didn't do too much but I did finish something that I had put off doing.  Now I just need to figure out how to do the next step. 

Tuesday, we went and helped this non-profit organization move furniture, and most of the people that helped were older, so Elder Wallace and I were the only ones that could move most of the heavy stuff, so that's always fun, especially when we take it up a long flight of stairs.  Then the rest of the day was regular mission work. 

Wednesday, we mowed our lawn because we weren't able to do it Monday, then that night we had interviews which is always awesome! Even-though this is my second one, I loved it.

Thursday, we keep setting up appointments and everyone keeps falling through, so we are going to use some advice President gave us and guilt trip everyone! This way they feel guilty for skipping out on learning about their salvation.  But it was cool, we were getting ready to go to an appointment on the other side of our area when this member called us and said he was just getting out of class and wanted to come out with us.  So we met up with him and spent the hottest part of the day in his nice air conditioned car, even though we didn't have a real lessen with anyone. 

Friday, was like the rest of the week, lots and lots of work and little to show for it right now, plus weekly planning. 

Saturday we got kidnapped by the Assistants and went out of the mission!  Then we went back in.  So this is what happened, a guy that Elder Wallace taught about 18 months ago in Greenville, Kentucky, was getting baptized and he asked if Elder Wallace could baptize him.  We then went around and saw people that he knew. 

Sunday, church was great, though our best investigator didn't show up, and later we found out why.  Her phone was in her car and then her car was stolen, so she was a having a very bad day, so we did what we do best, we taught her gospel principles and made her feel better.  Then that night, the four Elders ate at the Carbine's (the senior couple office missionaries) house and had a wonderful dinner.  Then we spent the rest of the night visiting people with Bro. Carr, an awesome member who loves going out with missionaries all over the place.

Love you all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission             

Front: Elder Durrant, Elder Wallace
Middle: Elder Ottoson, Elder Clayson
Back: Elder Butikufer, Elder Langford, and Elder Bennett

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