Monday, February 29, 2016

E-mail 02/29/2016

Hello! It's me, your favorite missionary in Kentucky!
This week has probably been one of the toughest so far.

Monday was really good, all of the Elders in the Louisville area got together to play a game. There are a ton. Well we all had a blast and no one got hurt, one elder did get clothes lined, but he was ok.

Tuesday was going to be a great day. First we did our weekly service, then we had a few appointments fall through which isn't unusual, but then we were on one side of our area and realized that we had an appointment in 30 min on the other side of our area and we were meeting a member there. So we biked the 3 miles as fast as our bikes could take us. Well we made it, and when we got there the member and investigator were already talking, so that was great. We locked up our bikes and went in. The lesson went well and the guy is still blown away about a modern day prophet. Well afterwords we were going to have a lesson in a members home with the Adams, but an hour before, we got a text from them and they dumped us! So that put a damper on the day.

Wednesday, we taught someone who is mildly interested, but his grandma is making it very hard to do anything with him. I guess that means we will be able to see how interested he really is. Later we had our weekly planning and had dinner with a sweet old lady in the Branch that loves to feed missionaries and is a great member missionary.

Thursday, we started an exchange with the Zone Leaders, and like normal I was in my area. Well it was a good exchange, but I had gotten a cold from another Elder, so I was coughing a lot, we had no phone, and it was really cold. We were able to see Dennie and reset his baptismal date, then had another lesson with someone new and set a date with him. So it was a good day, even though my voice hurt.

Friday, I woke up with no voice for the first time in my life, and it would be interview day too... it was probably some of the shortest interviews in my life. Oh well. We did teach someone later that day, so we were able to teach someone. Then the assistants picked us up so Elder Memmott could give a baptismal interview to someone.

Saturday, we didn't do much, both of us were not feeling well. We did go to a funeral of a member who had recently past away, then had a member from a different ward take us home. He first wanted to take us to lunch, so he took us to a Greek restaurant and it was really good. Later we had dinner with a member and they had us play a game with them that was like the jelly beans in Harry Potter, I won :)

Sunday was good, we ended up missing the sacrament because we were getting an investigator to church, but he wasn't home. Then the member started going the wrong way, so in short we were late. The rest of the day wasn't that good, because we couldn't get in with anyone.

Monday, today, I have one really good thing to say. As we were getting ready for the day, Sister Adams called us!!!!!!! They want us to come back, and they want to be baptized (We determined that Sister Adams wasn't baptized) So we are seeing them tomorrow!!!

Love you all!
Have a a great week!
Elder Durrant

(Samuel is in the green LDS shirt.)

Us and the assistants to the mission president!

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