Monday, March 7, 2016

E-mail 03/07/2016

Well, nothing really happened until Wednesday evening.

On Tuesday we had our service, that's always fun. Then that evening we went through part of the branch roster with an older member of the branch to find out how we can clean it out.

Wednesday couldn't go by fast enough. We had a lesson with the Adams, but before that, things fell through, we were mostly talking with people and trying potentials. But then we had our lesson with the Adams and we had the Branch President come with us. We had a good talk about what happened, why they dropped us. We had found out that sister Adams really wasn't baptized, and she was afraid she couldn't live up to it. But in that week they realized how much they need the gospel in their lives, so we are teaching them again and they really could get baptized very soon. They love the gospel and the church, and they really want callings! They're so awesome.

Thursday we had our weekly planning, and purged our investigator pool. Most of them weren't going anywhere, so we dropped them. The whole time we were doing this, it was snowing outside, come on! I thought it was getting warmer. Thankfully by the time we went out, it had warmed up and turned into a light drizzle. We got a prank call from the other elders, they had made their number private so we couldn't tell and they were pretending to be someone we had talked with and wanted to learn more. To be honest I fell for it, but Elder Memmott knew it was them. So after we hung up, we called them and they acted as if nothing had happened, but he called them out and as they were laughing we hung up on them because we had better things to do.

Friday we had zone meeting, and it was all about using our time more efficiently, which is something I've been working on. Then we started an exchange and I was in the east end of Louisville, so I went from the poor part of the city to the richest part of the city. We had a good time; talked with tons of people.

Saturday was interesting, we were planning on ending the exchange in the afternoon, but things happened and so we ended it in the morning. As we were waiting to cross the street to get to the bus stop, a guy walks up to us and he told us they had talked with him a few days before.  He also told us he was a sinner and was drunk and needed Jesus. We really wanted to help him, but we had to catch the bus and they don't really learn well when they are drunk, so we got his address and he will be taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. Later, when I was back with Elder Memmott, we had a lesson with the Adams.  They only need a few more to go then they will have been taught all of the lessons. That evening we finished going through the roster, and we will be giving it to the secretary soon.

Sunday was great, the Adams came to church, and sister Adams bore her testimony, it was amazing. Later we went to see some people we had scheduled with.  We were able to find some very good potential investigators, and two of them are families, that's always the best.

That was my week, hope everything is going well with you all!

Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

I leave my bike for two minutes, 
and this is what happens.
This is what happens when you walk past a 
Krispy Kreme that a member works at.

This is what happens when you wait in the ping pong room.

This is what happens when you wait in the ping pong room.

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