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I'm soooo tired...zzzz

So on Monday I went and got a new pair of jeans, but when I got back I tried them on and they didn't fit! So now I get to take them back and make sure they fit this time. Then I also got a haircut, and no one can seem to get it right. It's either too short or too long, this time it was too short. Oh well. Then we started an exchange with some of the other elders and I was with an elder who was trained by Elder Morrow, so that was fun.

Tuesday, I spent the whole day in the other area, and we did A LOT of biking. We added it up and we biked about 21 miles, but it wasn't too bad.

Wednesday, we were able to teach some people and we even had a last minute dinner appointment with a member. Other than that, not much happened.

Thursday, we had zone conference, which I always find enjoyable. Both President and Sister Brough said they liked my hair cut, so I guess it wasn't too bad. :) Then we were able to teach someone new that we will be seeing again tonight. Then we had dinner with a member and that's always nice, it's helping us to get to know the ward better.

Friday, we biked up to the Hermana's apartment (all but 2 sets of missionaries in the district live in our area) to give them blizzards because they did a huge favor for us. While we were talking with them at their door, it started down pouring, but thankfully when we left, it had lightened up. We headed back down to visited one of the members in the hospital. Then we went back up because we had some appointments up there, then back down to the hospital again to visit the other member in the hospital. We then had dinner with a member who lives around Indianapolis but is down here for the next few weeks. When we were leaving to head home, my tire had a slow leak so I tried to ride it home, but ended up walking. (Note to self, must get slime!)

Saturday, was a very long day. So, the sisters in the district were struggling really bad to find people to teach, ok, most everyone in the district is struggling, but the sisters were becoming very down on themselves, so we went and helped. Elder Crystal and I set aside the whole day, biked to their area, and had a goal of talking with a hundred people, and find as many potentials for them as possible. Just to get there we had to bike 7 1/2 miles, we then bake for the next several hours and talked with about every part of the spectrum of people, but we were able to find some people for the sisters and ended up talking to 102 people. By the end, I was so sick of it, I was excited to go home and do some weekly planning. Well we stopped by and gave the sisters the information on the people we had gotten for them, then headed home. On the way, we were going over a walking bridge, at the last turn Elder Crystal went too fast and smashed right into one of the concrete pillars, then fell over and laid there for a bit, it looked really bad. He wasn't bleeding, which was surprising, but then he started laughing and I helped him up and made sure he didn't have a concussion, so we slowly made our way home. No hospital trip was needed thankfully. We ended up biking around 35 or more miles that day.

Sunday, we had fast Sunday, and one of the people that went up to bear their testimony was one of the members we had dinner with. She bore a powerful testimony about what we had talked about at dinner, and that made us feel really good. After church we took the sacrament to the two members in the hospital, then had dinner with the bishop and his family. That evening we had a lesson with someone who we had talked with earlier this week in a parking lot. We taught them the restoration and they really liked it, and they accepted a baptismal date, that's always exciting.

And that is my week, we biked a total of about 60 miles this week. I am so tired.

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant

Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

That's not a lake, thats a river, it's huge!!! 
Wow!!! So much sugar!  
I love it! And the ties are great!

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