Monday, April 11, 2016

E-mail 04/04/2016

This week has been one of those drag, drag, too fast, weeks.

Monday, we played basketball, I only played one game, because after being body slammed to the ground by one of the zone leaders, I got the hint that this game is not for me. Oh well, this just gives me more time to work on my "extra curricular" project (mwa ha ha ha!!!)

Tuesday, we have been going through the member list to get to know them, because I'm new and Elder Crystal has only been here a transfer longer then me. So we have been going through that. The funny thing is, we've been running into so many non members, and part member families, so hopefully they will let us in later.

Wednesday, we had a great district meeting. Later we went by a place to see if we could do some service that the zone leaders suggested, but when we got there they told us that the other two missionaries were already doing service there, so they didn't need our help. That was a first. Well we then continued to go by members homes, then we went to the church to talk with members and one is getting a friend of hers comfortable with us, because she really wants her to be baptized and I am ok with that.

Thursday, I can't really remember what happened on Thursday. I know we did see a member that day, but that's about it.

Friday, we went on an exchange with the zone leaders and I was FINALLY in the car area! This was the first time since the beginning of my mission. Well we did some running around, then picked the other two up because a member had asked us all to help him help another member move. But that didn't happen due to lack of communication and a little bit of miss-communication. So in the end we went to a Chinese buffet and it was really good, except for a little piece of raw meat I accidentally ate, but I didn't get food poisoning from it. ;)

Saturday, was great. We watched conference at the church, and it was great. Then in between we went and got something to eat, but we made the mistake of go somewhere really busy so after we finished eating, we had to rush back to the church to watch the next session. After that we had dinner with a part member family, but they weren't quite ready, so we sat and talked for awhile. We ate, and it was really good, then we had to rush back for the Priesthood Session. Well after the Priesthood Session, we realized that we hadn't talked with anyone yet. So we got home about 8:45 and dashed out to talk with people, and we talked with over 20 people in under 10 minutes. The Lord provides.

Sunday, we watched General Conference at the church again. Then we had lunch with the part member family from Saturday; we had homemade pizza and it was good. We then went back to the church for the final session, by this point everyone was getting antsy because Elder Holland hadn't spoken yet, there was almost a cheer when he did, and I found the whole thing amusing. Conference was great! Then we were fed AGAIN! We were so full by the end of the day. It was great, we then rushed to take the sacrament to two people in the hospital. Then we had to talk with a ton of people before we could go in.

This has been a good week.

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

That is Elder Crystal inside

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