Monday, May 4, 2015

E-mail 05/04/2015

    Inconceivable! I can't believe I've been out for one month already. It's defiantly been a different kind of month.
    So I think the weather is finely settling down (for now). This last Friday we had zone conference and we went up to Louisville; it was awesome, and I got a picture of Sister Brough and three other ladies in their derby hat's. They showed us a new driver safety video about parking lots and as soon as it started I was like, "I know that parking lot!"  The Church filmed it in the Macey's parking lot! So during lunch I said something to Pres. Brough and he said "No way, prove it.", so I started telling him all the stores around it; I felt pretty good!
    After Zone conference we went on exchanges with our district leader; my companion went with him to his area, and I went with his companion to my area. He has only been out 12 weeks longer then me, so I joked that only three weeks out and I've already made it to senior companion. But not really, I was in charge of the area but nether one of us is senior. Then on Saturday I miss judged the way to a house so we ended up biking 4-5X as far as we needed to, and since he's been in a car area his whole mission, one thought kept going through my head, "No sir, I slaughtered him!" (Ever After movie). But it worked out going the loooong way because we barely got there before the person we where visiting, so I don't feel too bad. Then later I get a flat in my front tire.  We were only about a mile from home so we walked it back, and all it was was this little thorn and then later that night my back tire is flat so I'm looking at it and I find a little peace of metal.  Later today I get to buy a patch kit.
    But over all it's been great; talked with some pretty amazing people.
So excited for Mother Day!

This weeks thought is: "Faith Is a principle of power." (PMG 116 "Faith in Jesus Christ" 3rd paragraph, 1st sentience.)

Love you all
Elder Durrant

Sister Brough, and three other Sisters that I don't know their names  
Elder Newbold, one of the A.P.s with Sister Brough's hat
Some nights I latterly have to drag my trainer to bed  

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