Monday, July 13, 2015

E-mail 07/13/2015

Wow! What a week! (that sentence now has a lot more meaning.)
Well Tuesday, was transfers and Elder Chandler left for Vincennes, Indiana, and I got Elder Koenig, and he is the man!  This past week, we have gotten so much done.
Wednesday we had District meeting, which was awesome.
Thursday not much happened, Friday we... OK Thursday was pretty cool we got weekly planning, we went out with Quinton, a priest getting ready to go on his mission, and then got a pizza and cooked it while we finished planning.
Now for Friday, we where able to teach several people, and then we had dinner at the Bimhalls, a family that takes really good care of us.
Saturday, we didn't get a whole lot done, because a member drove us all the way to English, Indiana, where Elder Koenig had just came from, for a Baptism, that he was involved in, and spent the night, and then got back in time for our sacrament meeting.

Exciting things to came!

Elder Durrant.

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