Monday, July 27, 2015

E-mail 07/27/2015

Hey Y'all! This has been a pretty exciting week!
Last Monday after e-mailing and shopping, we went back fishing, and when I say we, I mean Elders Koenig and Caskey went fishing and me and Elder Allen watched (Elder Allen and Elder Caskey are my zone leaders), and they caught a couple more fish.  Then that night me and Elder Koenig went and taught the first lesson to a couple that was referred to us. He was ready to bash right away, but the Spirit took control and blew their minds, it was awesome.
Tuesday, the 4 of us went down to Buffalo, Kentucky, and helped some members move some of their things from there to Hodgenville, Kentucky. Then later we taught a girl, who the Lord has prepared immensely, and she just absorbed everything we said, and she's come to know this is true!  We have set up a return appointment for Thursday at a member's home that just earlier that day she (the member) texted us and asked if there was anything we needed, and as soon as I saw that text, I knew we would have something for her to do, and then we were able to set up this lesson in her home, the Lord is amazing!
Wednesday evening we had a lesson with a couple, and helped them see why they like us coming over, why the Lord kept leading missionaries to them, and why they need to read the Book of Mormon.
Thursday we went out with Chris, a YM who is preparing on going on a mission, we helped some people, then went to the Brimhalls, members that take really good care of us.  Then later we went to a lesson at a  member's home, had dinner, then the lesson.  She had her three kids there, her husband was working, and one of her kids is a recent RM, and we had an amazing lesson!  The girl we taught went from "why should I" to "how can I."  We then told her she needed to be baptized by someone with the priesthood, and the rest of the night she kept going "I thought I did it right, I can't believe I've gotten it wrong this whole time."  We then took her on a tour of the church building, and she loved it, the Lord has prepared her!
Friday there was a Pioneer Day activity that we got the investigators that we taught Wednesday to go to it.  They took their 6 year old son and it was a lot of fun, I ended up playing kick ball with the little kids, I never heard so much smack talk, even from teenagers, but we had a lot of fun and their boy had a great time!
Saturday there was this big car show in town, but we weren't able to go, we helped people move, and then there were people to see and things to do.
Guess what we did this morning? That's right, we went fishing... yippee... we actually caught something worth catching.
Love y'all
Elder Durrant

Snake slayers!

The Great fisher men!  

Now that's a fish!

First catch of the day!  
Hmm... too small  

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