Monday, November 2, 2015

E-mail 11/02/2015

Hey Family!

Thursday, we had our district meeting, and it will very inspiring. Instead of a planned meeting, we had an open discussion that ranged from gospel questions to how we can become better missionaries. Then afterwords we all went out and had lunch together. And yes I got pictures! Later we had a lesson with this guy we are sort of teaching, but he's fun to talk to, because one moment he's subtly trying to disprove us, then the next moment he's complementing us on how we follow Jesus Christ. He's a funny guy. Later we taught Dennie, who is planning on being baptized, November 21st, and we started teaching his wife too, and she is scheduled for December 5th, and they are both amazing!

Friday, we had lunch with an amazing older sister in the branch, she's always fun to talk with. Then in the afternoon we saw some less actives, then in the evening we had an appointment with a part member family that we have been trying to get in with for the past couple of months.  We tried really, REALLY, hard to get someone out with us but no one could come, so we went over and... They forgot! The daughter we were there to teach wasn't there, so we talked with her mom for a while at the door, and set up a return appointment.

Saturday we taught Dennie and his wife again, and they were exited to go to church. Then we tried to see a few more people, but when people started answering the door thinking we were trick or treaters, we decided it was time to go home. Then at 6 we were given time off, so all the Elders in the district went to one of the bigger church buildings and had a ping pong, and a corn hole tournament. That was a lot of fun!

Sunday, we had a great day, Dennie and his wife Mary came to church!!!! But we will be having to teach "keeping the Sabbath-day holy" soon, because someone mentioned going home teaching to "Sister Wendy's" or "Brother Burger King" and he liked that idea, so that will be fun to talk about. Then later we were asked to give the temple prep classes to a sister in the branch, so that will be interesting.

Today, we were going to go to the zoo with some other Elders, but they all pulled out at the last minute, so today will be a normal P-day.

Love Y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

Look what I found!
My first KFC, in Kentucky. 
Corn hole
Us at the end of Halloween night. From left to right -
Elder Bennett, Elder Money, Elder Matealu, Elder Seymore,
Elder Durrant, Elder Morrow, Elder Waite, Elder Sharp,
Elder Millitt, and up front Is Elder Steadmen
Us at lunch after district meeting.

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