Monday, November 9, 2015

E-mail 11/09/2015

HELLO EVERYBODY! (Like Fozzy in the moppets)

So not a whole lot happened Monday or Tuesday, so I'll move on. Wednesday, we were going to help a less active member clean up his house, but Elder Morrow woke up not feeling well, so we had to cancel and let Elder Morrow sleep, so it was an extra long study time for me.  Later he was feeling well enough to see some of the people we had set appointments with. First we had Dennie, he is doing amazing, he said, in his own words, "I am determined to get baptized!" How awesome is that! And he really wants to be able to baptize his wife, I'm not sure how that will work but they both love the church. Next we saw a guy who was a referral from his catholic uncle, which that alone was funny, but this guy just soaks everything in that we say.  He doesn't argue about anything we teach him, and even with the chaos at his house, he can feel the spirit and readily accepted the baptismal invite. Last we saw a member family that we reactivated and they fed us home made fried chicken, it was delicious!

Thursday we went out teaching with the YMs president, Bro. Neilson, who has only been back from his mission for about a year and is already married. He is awesome to teach with. Well we first saw a less active member who will probably be coming back to church this coming Sunday. Then we taught Dennie and his wife with him, and that went really well. .

Friday we had Zone Meeting, which was fabulous! Then we had an exchange of prisoners, oh wait wrong kind of exchange. We had and exchange where Elder Matealu came down to my area, and we were able to teach the referral guy, Steven, which was interesting, because there were a lot of people in a small amount of space, but he loved it, then we went to catch the bus home, and this guy came up to us and was telling us how him and his family had met with missionaries in the past and was interested in meting again, so he wrote down his number on a card and told us to call him as soon as we could, then we got on the bus and went home, but when we got home I pulled the card out of my pocket and the number was smudged, nooooo! Oh well.

Saturday we went and taught Dennie and when we got there he was just finishing setting up a guest LDS account, how awesome is that?! Then we went and saw Steven again and taught him the second lesson and it went much better, because there were not nearly as many people as last time. Then we went home had lunch and then President Brough call! My hart nearly stopped because I forgot it was transfer call Saturday, but it wasn't for me it was for Elder Morrow, so I still have my hundred percent streak of guessing what happens to each one of my companions so far, Elder Morrow got called as District Leader, so that makes me District Monkey! Mwa ha ha ha!

Sunday was great! It was the primary program and we had The Adams family there, and they loved it! Then we got asked last minute to teach gospel principles, we had the Adams, the Carbines (Mission office couple), the Burrus's, the branch president and one of his counselors, so no pressure. But it went amazingly well and the Adams loved it! Sister Adams gave the closing prayer and basically bore her testimony and said she was home! Afterwards everyone in class introduced themselves! It was a good day!

Love ya'll!  Have a great week!

Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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