Monday, November 30, 2015

E-mail 11/30/2015

Monday our Branch mission leader, Bro. Roy and his wife took all four missionaries in the area to their house to do laundry and then to go shopping, the Roy's are awesome! Then when we got home we played Monopoly. I've been playing that a lot recently, but by the time we were done we were all sick of it. So throughout this week, in our free time, we have been working on making it more exciting and now we're not even playing monopoly any more, it's evolved into somethings completely different, and when we all finished our missions, we are going to become rich and famous with this game.

Tuesday all 4 missionaries went to do service in the morning. It's funny, all of the other people there are Baptist, and the guy who gives us rides to the different places and back home, is a retired professor and he has told everyone that he is the only one allowed to call us the "Mormons" :) He's really funny. Then that night we had interviews with President and Sister Brough, that's always a lot of fun, then we started an exchange and I was with Elder Sharp, who came to the mission with me, in my area.

Wednesday was very interesting, we had started getting work done then we ended up spending most of the day getting Elder Morrow a bike. We went on a long adventure with many buses. By the end of it I was very hungry, and I start to get cranky when I'm hungry or when people throw my sandwich out the door, but no one has done that in a while. We were able to tame the savage beast, and we finally were able to talk with Dennie who we had lost contact with for the last few weeks, so that was awesome! We ended up missing the bus, so we waited to catch the next one, and talked with a guy who got off his hand phone to talk with us. I'm still not sure what he said though... When we ended the exchange, the other two missionaries stayed at our house for the night.

Thursday Thanksgiving, we had the day off, so we worked on the board game, then we had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner (even though it was at 2) then went home and played our game for the rest of the night. I know that sounds boring, but we had a lot of fun.

Friday, we had another exchange (that's what happens when the district leader is sick for two weeks, there's a backlog of work to do) and I stayed in the area, it was a good day, and the best part was that we had a lesson with Dennie! He and his wife are still really excited for baptism. Sunday was good, not very many people showed up for church. But the theme was how we all need Christ like love.

I love you all
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

Thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving dinner with Hunter Roy

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