Monday, December 14, 2015

E-mail 12/14/2015

This is the time of week I look back and try to figure out how it's Monday again. This has been a good week, except for the three exchanges we went on this week.

Monday we had a good time with Bro. Roy, I will send pictures and let you fill in the blanks. That night we went with a member to dedicate some graves, that was interesting. We started an exchange with the other Elders and I went to their area. We missed the bus, so we had to wait for the next one and that meant we got home late... That wasn't good.

Tuesday we did our weekly service and we ended up staying and helping for awhile. I then spent the rest of the day with Elder Matelau and we did a whole lot of biking, but after doing it for over eight months straight, it's not too bad. That night we closed the exchange.

Wednesday after studies the Zone Leaders came by and we had an exchange with them, I stayed in the area and we got work done! We even taught this lady that didn't want to believe us, but we taught with the spirit and testified boldly so the spirit testified to her heart that what we said was true. That evening we had a lesson at a members home with an investigator that went really well. We had to meet up with the other two so the zone leaders could go to a stake meeting. Elder Morrow and I went home, had dinner, planned for the next day, then waited for them to come back. When they did, Elder Morrow went to their apartment and we went to bed.

Thursday we had an awesome district meeting. We ended the exchange with the zone leaders, started another exchange with some other Elders in the district, then went to district lunch. The rest of the day didn't go too well because our three set appointments all fell through.

Friday we ended the exchange, then Elder Morrow and I went and saw the lady we taught Wednesday She didn't have a lot of time so we showed her the Plan of Salvation video, gave her a pamphlet, and will be seeing her this next Friday. We saw some less active members, visited with them and then went home then the other Elders came by. Bro. Roy picked us up and we had dinner at his house, they gave us an early Christmas present.

Saturday, we tried some people, but they weren't home. We went over to the church to make sure that things were set up for the Christmas party and that was when my panic attack ended, because I found out that my family still loves me hahaha!!! (Mom's email wasn't working) Well the Christmas party was really good and the best part about it was that the missionaries got first pick at the left overs. Well we then saw some people and got some weekly planning done. Oh and we got transfer news. I am staying in the area for seven more weeks (seven weeks because this last one was a five week transfer because of Christmas).

Sunday was really good. But we were exhausted with this really busy week, but we were able to see a lot of people.

Love you all
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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