Tuesday, December 22, 2015

E-mail 12/22/2015

Merry Christmas everyone!
So this week has been very busy, so I'll start from where I left off last time, way way back, all the way to....

Tuesday! So since we weren't going to transfer meeting, we did our weekly service, it has become a lot more fun now with the other two Elders coming too. Then afterwards we all went back to our apartment, took care of some things then headed up to the church to help with the Bishop's food truck. It was a big load, but it wasn't too bad with all the help we had. After all of that we spent the rest of the day trying to see people and we were semi successful.

Wednesday, near the end of studies, we get a text from the Zone Leaders, about the conference call for the district leaders, they wanted to do it over skype, so I checked the bus schedule and we had five minutes to get to the bus stop about half a mile away, so we hopped on our bikes, hoping there weren't other bikes on the bus, and miraculously we were able to get on the bus and got to the church to take care of what we needed to do. Afterwards, we went out teaching with Bro. Roy, but unfortunately we weren't able to get in with anyone. But later that evening we were able to teach some peoplez!

Thursday, we had an awesome district meeting, then that night we were able teach a member one of the temple prep classes.

Friday we did our weekly planning, then headed over to the mission office for an exchange but the other missionaries got on the bus so we ended up waiting for almost two hours when they FINALLY made it there, so we started the exchange and I was going to their area but we had to wait ANOTHER HOUR, but we finally got there. We were able to get some work done so the day wasn't completely boring.

Saturday morning we ended the exchange and we were given a new washing machine, I'm so happy! And that night we were going to do our bible study class, but we ended up not doing it, so the one member that comes every week wanted to take us out to eat, unfortunately it was a single sister so we had to make our own way to the place and that took way too long, but we finally made it and dinner was really good.

Sunday was an interesting day, well we got a new branch president because the old one had heart surgery so he couldn't do it anymore. Then after church our ride home was taking care of things he had to do so we were sitting around for awhile, but we always appreciate getting rides so we won't complain. Then we taught another temple prep class and we had chicken and dumplings for dinner, it was the best I've ever had, of course it's the first time I've had it so that might have had somethings to do with it... No that can't be it.

Monday was AWESOME! We had our Christmas Conference, we had a very spiritual first part, President Brough taught us about who is and what it means to be in the tribe of Israel, then there were scriptures read about the birth of Christ and poems given and musical numbers that were very beautiful. Then we all went into the cultural hall and had an amazing lunch, then watched some talents, then played some games and I got pictures and video on my camera so I can't send them until I can get to a computer, but it was Awesome.

So it has been a very amazing week.

Love you all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission  

Pictures from the Christmas party that were posted on the Facebook page.

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