Monday, December 28, 2015

E-mail 12/28/2015

Wow! What a week! (Snicker)

Well this has been a very interesting week.

Monday was the mission Christmas party, which was a blast!

Tuesday, we had P-day, did our laundry, did some stuff with the other Elders.

Wednesday, the other Elders had a Baptism, so we went and helped them set things up, and we even had a lot of investigators there too. Then afterwards we went to a buffet with Bro. Roy, (buffets are apparently missionary magnets) then Elder Morrow and I went to see some people then went to catch the bus to head to the church, we ended up taking a different way than normal, so we got off the first bus and were waiting for the next bus and watching a huge thunderstorm in the distance, then low and behold the other two Elders walked up, so we all got on the bus and headed to the church, and on the way the storm hit! The rain was coming down so hard the bus slowed down and it dropped us off a block from the church, and we ran! and by the time we got in, we were so wet! Well we waited for for some members that were going to feed us, well when they got to the church and was just about to come in, there was a huge crack of thunder and the power went out, but a moment later it turned back on, well they feed us pizza and by the time we were done, the rain had calmed down and they gave us a ride home.

Thursday we had District meeting, then got some work done, then spent the rest of the night with some members, that was a lot of fun! Then the other two Elders got permission to have a sleep over.

Friday, Christmas Day! Well for most of the day we played the game we made, then a member had us over for lunch, which was great, the wife believes in stuffing you and giving you a varity of food to do it with. Then there was the BEST part of the day, talking with my family! I love you so much!

Saturday, not much happened, the last week was catching up with us, so we were really tired, but we did get some work done.

Sunday, was good, really rainy, but good. But all that was accomplished was we contacted a referral, and we got our weekly planning done.

Love you!
Elder Durrant

Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

Sorry the videos are upside down, I'm not sure how to fix them.

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