Wednesday, March 16, 2016

E-mail 3/16/2016

This has been a long week, a good week, but a long one.

Tuesday, we did a lot of furniture moving. Then we had a lesson with this guy who was big into conspiracy theories, so he was fun to teach.

Wednesday, we helped with the bishops food truck, which is always fun. The rain was on and off all day, so that made the day interesting. We were inside for the worst part of it doing our weekly planning. Later that night we taught this guy we had contacted the Sunday before, and his step son was interested so he joined us. As we were teaching, he was nervous about reading the Book of Mormon, because he didn't want to get confused. Well as we were teaching about the restoration, and using scriptures to show it, he was blown away and he kept saying "No, no way. Can't be." Not in rejection, but trying to comprehend it. Then we called him up a few days later to set up another appointment, and he had told us that he had already read 11 chapters, so that is amazing. The only problem is, we are having trouble sitting down with him. All part of missionary work.

Thursday, we had district meeting, and Elder Memmott asked me to do a mini training. I personally think it went well. We then went on an exchange, I went to the other elders area,  We got soaked, it was raining all day. But at least it was warm.

Friday we ended the exchange, then were able to teach a ton of people, so that made my day.

Saturday, we were helping with picking up furniture all morning. Then that evening we taught a part member family we ran into, and that went really well.

Sunday morning was ok, we had 8 people committed to coming to church and not one of them came. Half of them got sick, 2 forgot to set there clocks forward, (another reason why I hate daylight savings) and the other we couldn't get in contact with. But church was still good. They had a potluck afterwards, so that lifted my spirits. Well later we went and taught this couple we ran into, and at one point the wife was saying how she didn't think she needed to be baptized at all because she was a good person, then we shared John 3:5 with her and her attitude changed. She was telling us how much she wanted to be baptized and wanted to know why she wasn't baptized yet. We loved it. Later we went out teaching with brother Roy, and I say teaching loosely because we didn't teach anyone, but it was still good. Oh and that morning I went to put on my shoes that got soaked on Thursday.  I had put them where they could dry, but there were patches of fuzzy white mold in them. Needless to say, I was quite put out. But I'm drying them out and will get them clean again.

Monday was a good day, like most days we had a ton of appointments, but we only had one happen. That evening, we were biking to catch a bus and as we got there we realized that Elder Memmott forgot his helmet, but we didn't have time to go get it. We went ahead and got on the bus and tried to see some people, but that didn't work. We then walked home, and that took awhile, biking is so much faster.

Tuesday, we had another lesson with the people we taught on Sunday, and they really like it. We then spent most of the day on the bus going here and there, and that made for an interesting day.

Wednesday, we went to the temple and had an amazing time. This evening we will be teaching the Adams with President Brough.  I'm so excited for that!

Love y'all
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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