Monday, March 28, 2016

E-mail 3/28/2016

My first week serving in Indiana has been extremely painful, but I'll explain more later.

Monday, I did a lot of packing and I still managed to fit all my worldly belongings in three suitcases. That night we went and watched the Joseph Smith movie with the Adams. Sister Adams was upset about something, we tried to answer her questions, but we finally said we would watch the movie and see if that would answers her questions. They loved the movie, and afterwards we asked them if they really thought that the church was true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. They said yes to everything with conviction, they believe everything, they know the church is true, and they're going to be getting baptized on April 9 and I am so excited.

Tuesday, which was transfer day was really busy at the church. People trying to find their rides and getting out of there as fast as possible. President kept popping in and out of the building and saying, If your ride was here, to get out of there, because we needed to talk with 2000 people that day as a mission. He's so funny how he says things. I finally found my ride and everyone who was getting in the car finally got there, then we started our two hour drive to Newburgh Indiana. When I got there, I finally was able to meet up with Elder Crystal and then we helped two Elders get to their apartment that is in an area that they're reopening. We went shopping with the zone leaders, my third District has the zone leaders in it again. That's pretty funny! That evening a member picked us up and we had dinner with them.

Wednesday, we had district meeting and there are more Sisters than there are Elders here. This is the first time I'm serving around sisters, so that will be interesting. That day we weren't able to teach anyone, but we were asked to go to the church that evening, to the family history room, because there was a member trying to introduce one of her friends to us, so we ended up spending the end of the evening there.

Thursday, ): So that morning was pretty good, it was raining on and off, but it wasn't too bad. Well we went and saw a member who came to church last week, and she wanted us to come by, so we talked with her a bit, got to know her, and shared a spiritual message. Well we were heading back to our apartment and Elder Crystal let me lead, because our area is mostly in a grid, so that makes it really easy:) and on the way back we saw the zone leaders car, so we left them a funny note. Then as we were going back again, there was a spot where the curb dropped down then back up and I tried to jump back up, but my tire hit the curb wrong and I crashed my bike. I scraped up my hands and knees and tore a hole in my slacks, but I was able to roll onto some grass. I laid there for a few seconds, then got back up, and once Elder Crystal knew I was ok, he started laughing. Well we needed to get back home because a member was taking us out to eat, so we got home and the member was already at our place. I quickly cleaned myself off and bandaged it up, then went out with duct tape around my hands ;) Well lunch was good and the member was nice. The best part was while we were eating, it was raining really hard outside, then by the time we got home it was almost all gone. I cleaned myself up some more, and that evening we saw a recent convert teenager that we treat him like a little brother, because that's what he needs.

Friday, we tried someone who wasn't there and so we were heading to the library, and on the way there I got hit by a car.  Best area in the mission my foot! She only slightly hit me on the back tire. I almost caught my balance, but I did manage to land on some grass. I think in the end it scared her more than me and I got out of there safely. She wouldn't leave until she knew I was OK which was great. The worst part about it was that I had just spent seven months in one of the most dangerous areas in the mission without being hurt in it or crashing, then I came here and I crashed my bike and get hit by a car within one week, yeah I was happy.  But then later we saw a member that was at a hospital, then we had a lesson with a guy we had talked with a few days before. We went home and had weekly planning.

Saturday, we had a lesson with the investigator that they had before I got here. We dashed home to put our suits on and went over to the church for a baptism. On our way back, we stopped at a few members' homes that Elder Crystal didn't know, but when both of them answered the door, he recognized them, which was funny. After getting out of our suits, we went to the hospital that we had been to the day before, and we saw somebody else that was there.

Sunday was good. We had church at 9 o'clock and it's weird being back in a ward. Afterwards we went and saw one of the people at the hospital, took the sacrament to her and shared a scripture. We then went out to talk with people and ended up spending most of our time talking with two guys that had a ton of questions about life. Then we went back to the hospital to give the sacrament to the other member at the hospital because we couldn't do it at the same time with both of them. We then had another lesson with the young man. Then went home and did some studying.

Still alive and love you all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

Me and Elder Crystal
Elder Crystal
Elder Crystal

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