Monday, March 21, 2016

E-mail 3/21/2016

Good day, Y'all!

So Wednesday evening, we were getting ready for the lesson with the Adams when President Brough showed up. He came in, shook our hands, then immediately started an apartment inspection, ohhhhh! Well he walked from room to room, pointing little things out here and there. Then he walked into the bedroom and shouted out "Who's packing!?" So I explained that I was using my small suitcase to take my clothes from the drier to my bed and I ran out of time to fold them. So what President saw was a suitcase covered with clothes. I told him this and he was ok with that. Well he then sat down and talked about what we would teach the Adams, then we headed off. We had an amazing lesson, in the time we hadn't seen them, they had learned all the things we were going to go over and they told us how they were put into a situation where they could have easily done something wrong and no one would know, but because they were trying to live the commandments (which from my perspective, was not directly related to their situation) they did the right thing! Well after a good talk, we challenged them again to be baptized and April 9th is the goal. Bro. Adams was good with that but Sis. Adams said she couldn't do it if it was only a goal. So I whipped out my calendar and said "Ok, I'm putting it in my calendar right now, this is a reality, you are getting baptized on April 9th." Laughing they said they can do that! I loved teaching with President Brough.

Thursday, we had district meeting, then had district lunch. We went to a place called Waffle House, it was ok, but it was fun to be around the other missionaries. Later that night we went out with a member and taught some lessons.

Friday, we headed over to the church for Elder Memmott's district leader skype call, then we had a lesson with someone who lived close to the church. After the lesson we were trying to figure out how we were going to get from the upper left corner of our area to the lower right hand corner, with no bikes. But then the investigator called and said we had to reschedule for another time. Well that solved our problem in an unfortunate way. So we made our way back home. We had lunch, did our weekly planning, then after dinner we went out to teach.

Saturday, we finally went by the last few people on our list of members that live in our area, and we actually caught one as she was coming out of the door. So we talked with her as we walked. Then that evening we went out with another member (this was a great week, because we got several members out teaching with us), but none of our investigators were there for their appointments. So we tried someone else we had just started to teach.  We caught them home and had an amazing lesson.
Oh! I almost forgot, we got transfer news, Elder Memmott is training and I am being transferred to Newburgh, Indiana, so I will be packing for most of the day.

Sunday, we had a meeting in the morning, then had church and the Adams came! They love coming to church. Unfortunately, none of the other people that said they would come, came. Sister Adams was furious when the Branch President announced over the pulpit that I was leaving, because I hadn't had a chance to talk to them myself, so she had me promise to come back for the baptism and I told her I would be there. Well later we had stopped by one members home and I got some pictures with them, we had dinner at another members home and then we were given the amazing opportunity to be apart of a blessing for them to help them have children. I never thought I would be apart of a blessing like that, it was an amazing privilege. So when I email next week, I will be an hour closer, so be expecting it at a different time.

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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