Monday, May 16, 2016

E-mail 05/16/2016

Right now, I am so tired but feel so alive.

Monday, we had a normal p-day, and we had dinner with some members.

Tuesday, we tried to see some people and got soaked in the process. It rained hard and long, making for an interesting day.

Wednesday, us and the other Elders helped move some people from one apartment to another in the same complex. Then made the mistake of going to an Asian buffet, I came out happy (mostly because I didn't eat any raw meat this time) but the others came out saying things like "Why did we do that?" Or "I'm never doing that again", etc. etc. etc! They crack me up. Later as we were biking another wave of the storm hit, and we were already soaked by the time we could make cover, so we just stood in it, listening to the lightning crash above us that was within 1/2 to 10 miles, it was awesome! The whole time I'm thinking "I am standing over a steel frame bike... I sure hope I don't get hit." It cleared up after a little bit, and we dried off fairly well. Then in the evening we were talking with one of the YM who is a recent convert, and as we were doing so, the storm alarms went off. We looked outside and it didn't look too bad, so we kept talking and it turned off after a minute. About 10 minutes later it went off again, then we got a call from the Hermana's saying that it got really bad where they were, so we dashed outside and looked to the west and saw this huge black wall coming toward us (we later found out it was coming at 30 mph), so we told the YM that we would see him later, got on our bikes and got home as fast as we could, getting hit by a sand storm as we cut through a parking lot. So it was an interesting evening.

Thursday, we had a mission tour. Elders Kopischke & Gillenwater of the Seventy and their wives came and it was amazing. It went from 10 am to 4 pm and I could have sat there a lot longer learning. One of the biggest things I learned was how to use Alma 32 to increase your faith in any aspect of the gospel. We then drove the 2 hours back and through a time zone, and had dinner with some members.

Friday, we went on an exchange, and I stayed here with Elder Stedmen, and we had a great time. We were able to teach several lessons.

Saturday, we ended the exchange and Elder Crystal and I did our weekly planning, then we were able to see some people. We even set baptismal dates with two of their kids.

Sunday, was great. We set another baptismal date with someone, took the sacrament to a member in the hospital, then we had dinner with some members. They fed us Thai food pizza, and it was interesting, I ate it, but it definitely wasn't my favorite pizza in the world.

Monday, this morning we had the bike race, it was about 2.2 miles and they gave me about a 1-2 minute head start, and I stayed up front for about 3/4 of it but then they caught up and passed me, but all in all it was a fun ride. Oh and Elder Crystal won, so his head just a lot bigger.

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant

Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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