Monday, May 23, 2016

E-mail 05/23/2016

Tuesday, was a very interesting day. The weather didn't want to rain, but it couldn't not rain, so it went in the middle and did a very heavy drizzle, and the temperature dropped to the 40-50, so it was a little chilly.

Wednesday, we had district meeting, then had lunch with the other Elders. Later we went to see a less active lady, and ended up teaching her, one of her daughters and a granddaughter and her friend, so it was great. She then fed us a sub then some really good sheet cake. Then in the evening we had dinner with a member family and it was great! I was so stuffed that I couldn't eat all the ice cream, so I felt extremely satisfied because that doesn't happen very often. Later we taught the two youth that are getting baptized, and due to schedules we ended up moving their date up to the 12th of June. We are doing our best to help them be ready.

Thursday, we saw a less active member, then worked on finding more people to teach. That evening we had dinner with the stake president's son and his family, they are awesome, and fun to talk with.

Friday, we did our weekly planning, then did some finding, and a lot of biking.

Saturday, we were able to see all three of our baptismal dates, the first guy is cool, but we've only been able to see him twice. Then we saw the two youth.

Sunday, we had a good day at church. When we went into Sunday School, the teacher was out of town and the substitute wasn't feeling good, so it was up to the missionaries. Therefore it came to pass that Elder Durrant taught the people about the Millennium. So that was fun, on the spot lesson on the Millennium. Then we did our regular routine, taught the kids, then had dinner with another family.

All in all, it's been a good week, despite the cold and rainy days.

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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