Monday, October 10, 2016

E-mail 10/10/2016

Dear reader, I have run out of clever ways to start my letters, I do apologize. ;)

Well the same old happened Monday through Wednesday, so I'll start there.

Wednesday evening, We started an exchange and I went up to Jasper, Indiana with our district leader, and since he is in his last transfer I got to drive. Quick note on that, several months ago, President Brough made a new rule, when you are on your last transfer you are not allowed to drive. This came because missionaries, right before they would go home, would do stupid things with the car, like going 100 mph, and things like that. Okay, back to my week.

Thursday, was a busy day, we taught several lessons, to investigators, active members, and less active members, it was a fun day. And I'm not as bad at driving as I thought I would be for doing very little of it for the past eighteen months, I just need to work on my parallel parking. I also learned that if the shifter is in the center console, you need to keep a close eye on it, because if you're at a stop and while you're not looking, the passenger might shift it into neutral. Let's just say I smacked him in the chest.

Friday, we had Zone Meeting, and it was good, and it was nice being able to see everyone from my old district. Well we ended the exchange, and the Reeds, who were our ride, took us out to lunch afterwards, they are so good to us.

Saturday, we spent a good chunk of the day helping our branch mission leader and his son as they were clearing out trees and shrubs, and that is a lot of fun, except that there were massive thorn bushes and thorny vines everywhere! Well we were making some good progress, but then their chainsaw dulled and they couldn't find their tool to sharpen it. So we decided to burn, yes burn, the thorn bushes, and the dead stuff underneath. No Mom, I did not start any fires, I just made sure they didn't get out of hand, and yes all you pyro's, I did get video. So we worked on that until dark, and we will be helping them again later this week.

Sunday, church was good. We saw some of our regular Sunday people, and we set up for a Relief Society Activity.

So that's my week, hope y'all have a good one

Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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