Monday, October 31, 2016

E-mail 10/31/2016

Another week down, and another on it's way.

Monday, we swung by the church, the church was right next door to the court house  and the jail, and there were cop cars all over with their lights on, so we did what we needed to then quickly left. Afterwards, we went to a members shop to wash our car and he told us what he heard had happened, there was a scare, but it was all over by the time we went by.

I can't remember what happened Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thursday, we helped our Branch Missionary Leader cut down some more trees and stuff, and I have decided that if I ever plant anything extremely thorny, that it will be in a spot I never plan to change. Well afterwards we had coordination and we finished planning for the Fireside on Sunday.

Friday, we had district meeting, and I didn't have to drive because the Reeds had their car back and they always give us rides to meetings, which I am extremely grateful for.

Saturday, we were stopping by some less actives, when an active member called and asked if we could meet them at Walmart, so we did and they gave us a baked chicken and some other food. This is the second time they have done this for us, they are amazing! Well as we were putting the food in the car Elder Long said "Oh, I forgot to tell you, Bro. Zellers (our BML) texted us, and asked if we could go to his fathers farm to help his son, (his son is the one that owns the shop) and we have to be there in 25 minutes." So we dashed home to put the food in the fridge, and put service clothes on, we got back in the car and we just barely made it on time. When we got there all we ended up doing was riding in the back of his friend's little Mazda truck as he showed us around the farm and woods. They have some really nice land and I really wish I had my camera, but alas no pictures, next time I will.

Sunday, President and Sister Brough came to Tell City and spoke in sacrament meeting, and participated in the rest of church.Then we had a "linger longer" and there was a lot of really good food. Afterwards, the Reeds had different plans for the Broughs in between church and the fireside, but they all fell through. Sister Reed was apologizing to Sister Brough, but Sister Brough said "That's ok, we just wanted to drive around and take pictures of the trees." So that all worked out. At the fireside, we were planning on around 10 or so people coming to this excluding the missionaries and the Zellers, but we ended up having twenty-five people show up, it was great! And President is an amazing speaker, he shared stories of when he was in the air force and how standing firm in his standers helped him and made it so others respected him for it. He shared one story of when he was in the Philippines, on an off day, he walked up to a group of friends and asked where they were going to go that day, and one of them said "Where we're going you can't come, and even if you wanted to come I wouldn't let you, because I know what your standards are and I'm the last person that want to see you lower them." 
It was a great fireside.

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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