Monday, October 24, 2016

E-mail 10/24/2016

Beware! I am driving full time now, all beware!

So Thursday evening I made the pumpkin spice cookies for district meeting, and boy I forgot how sticky the dough was! And then I made the mistake of taking all of them to district meeting the next day, they were devoured.

Well, the district has stayed the same, except for our new district leader, Elder Permann has come in. Later that Friday, we were going to help our branch mission leader, Brother Zellers, some more, but it got canceled last minute, so we just went about our day doing our normal thing.

Saturday, we did go over to Bro. Zellers and got some more done, and burned some more underbrush, but everything's still damp so after a minute or two, it goes out, but it's still clearing it out. Oh and apparently there's a tradition in this mission that at 18 months, you burn a pair of slacks, well I wasn't planning on doing it, but I had a badly stained pair and we were burning stuff anyway, so I got video on my camera of us burning them, and will send it when I can. Well afterwards we had coordination, and finally settled on a plan for when President and Sister Brough come this next Sunday.

Sunday was good, one of the speakers was a member of the high council, and he finished of his talk with a Christmas story, and even though we're still in October, it was a great story. Well that evening, we had nothing else planned, and it was too late to drop in on people, but not late enough to go in, so we went to the church so I could practice my piano. Holly would be ashamed of how rusty I'll gotten, but the muscle memory is still there.

So we found out today that instead of having zone conference and interviews switching off every transfer, we will have both every transfer, so that will make life a little bit more interesting.

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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