Monday, November 14, 2016

E-mail 11/14/2016

"News announcement! After the heated election, as of November 9th, the residents of Tell City Indiana are moving on with there life's, satisfied that it's finally over."

Well, speaking of Tuesday, we had interviews with President, but before he gave the training for district meeting and when he stood up, he told us that he hadn't prepared anything, just that he was praying really hard that the Lord would guide him, and so every district got a different training. For us he talked about how we need to make sure people are living the commitments we gave them BEFORE we move on to the next lesson, and he shared a quote from one of the area seventy, "The surest way to prevent an investigator from progressing is to teach a follow-up lesson when they haven't kept one or more commitment." The Reeds provided an amazing lunch for everyone, then we started an exchange and Elder Permann, our DL, came to Tell City with me. We spent most of the day walking around talking with people, and we both decided that we have spent too long just driving around because we were really tired by the end of the day.

Wednesday, we ended the exchange and we had our BML's son drive us to the rendezvous and picked up Elder Long, and he took us out to lunch afterwards. Then that evening we went to one of the family's that live twenty minutes away, and it was awesome. Beforehand we had messaged them over Facebook asking if we could come by and they said sure, we'll even feed you. So that was sweet! It's fun being over there because they have some younger kids, so naturally they are a little rowdy when we come over. When the parents apologized, I told them that this was my natural environment. Now I don't know how well my companion was handling it, I just know he was encouraging them to target me.

Thursday, I don't fully remember what happened Thursday.

Friday, we texted our BML to see if we were going to be cutting this week, and he told us, no cutting, we are fixing our water pump (their water comes from a well under their property). They had had no water for a week, so we helped them get their water back on.

Saturday, I don't remember what happened Saturday.

Sunday, we had a member from the stake high council come and speak, he lives in the Newburgh Ward so I had been to his house a couple of times. Well after church a member had invited us to his home, and when we got there we shared a video about the Plan of Salvation and shared some points about it, then asked him for his thoughts and two hours and twenty minutes later we walked out the door. He is a talker, and he doesn't really have people to talk to, so when he gets a chance he doesn't let it slip by. He did share his conversion story with us and talked about how years ago the missionaries knocked on his door and shared a Book of Mormon with him. Then thirty years later he picked it up and read it in three days, two months later he was baptized. So he told us, with conviction, when ever we give someone a Book of Mormon and they don't get rid of it, we are saving their souls, it my take thirty years, but it will be worth it.

Well that was my week.

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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