Monday, November 7, 2016

E-mail 11/07/2016

Good morning/afternoon/evening/why are you still up? I thought I'd cover whatever time you are reading this? :)

Tuesday, we had received a referral the previous week, but we couldn't find the address on any map, so we tried the area that we thought it might be, but still couldn't find it, oh well. That evening, we decided to visit some less actives that live in the far reaches of our area, and got there shortly after they had gotten home and they welcomed us in. The mom had started working on making dinner, so we just sat there listening to the kids tell us stories, and we ended up help them with some of their homework, it was a lot of fun.

Nothing much happened Wednesday or Thursday.

Friday, we had Zone Meeting, and the last thing that was talked about was the mission culture, and the three things people want us to focus on is Be accountable to God, Be Christlike, Being Spirit Driven. Afterwards, we went to our BML's house to help him cut down more trees. We didn't use any fire this time, but we did have an adventure. The person with the chainsaw (it wasn't me) was cutting the two largest trees in our path, and he got the first one down easily enough. Then when he was cutting the second one, he didn't notice that the tree was leaning the opposite way that he had cut it and the saw got stuck with less then a quarter of an inch of wood connecting the base to the rest of the tree. We tried to push it to get the saw out, we tried cutting with other tools, but nothing was working well/safe enough, so after about 45min of this we finally just tied a rope to the tree and their car and pulled it over just fine. After all of that, we were all tied and it was getting dark, so we went in, they fed us, then we had coordination.

Saturday, we tried to find a less active in the farthest part of our area, but weren't able to find it (I found it later on the map), but the drive was fun.

Sunday, Church was good, people bore powerful testimony on the plan of salvation, temple work, and missionary work, then in Sunday School we talked about the gathering of Israel.

That's it for me this week.

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

This is a screen shot of the video my old comp. sent me of Seth.

Best part of Halloween is November 1st! Super cheap candy!

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