Monday, November 28, 2016

E-mail 11/28/2016

After everything I've had to eat these last 5 days, I think I've gained 5 pounds, but it will probably be gone by Wednesday.

Thursday, started off interesting, Elder Long had missed placed some important papers so we spent most of the morning looking for them. He tore the bedroom apart while I looked everywhere else. Well, after we moved everything we could think of, he finally just gave up and laid on the floor, looked to his right, and they were sitting right there, right were we were walking, so that made him happy. Later we went to a members home to have Thanksgiving Dinner, it was great. So around here there are about three family groups that are members of the church, one group is completely inactive, and the other two groups are all across the board when it comes to activity in the church. Anyway so the member we went to is the Relief Society President and she was hosting a lot of family, around 50 I think. We got to talk with a lot of inactive members and nonmembers we had never met before, though most of them have talked with missionaries before, and from what I can tell, we made a good impression. One of the nonmember husbands, as a joke because of the huge grin on his face, sat close to us with his cup of coffee and told us that there was some fresh coffee over there, so I said thank you for telling us, then he asked if we wanted any, and I declined, we all got a good chuckle out of it. Well Elder Long started to get a migraine so we had to leave and as I was saying goodbye to the guy who joked about the coffee, he said, “leaving so soon?” So I told him that Elder Long was getting a headache, but with a concerned look he asked, “Was it the coffee thing?” Chuckling I told him it wasn't that at all, we knew it was all in good humor.
After Elder Long felt better, we spent the rest of the day at another members home.

Friday, we had district meeting and Elder and Sister Reed normally take us but their family had come in for Thanksgiving so they weren't able to take us. We had set up with someone else to take us, but that morning we weren't able to get a hold of him so we looked at the miles we had left and figured we had enough to get there and back with a little left over. A little late, but we made it up there, then afterwards we started an exchange with the zone leaders. I went to Newburgh which was great, I got to see some members that I knew, and most of them recognized me, though they couldn't remember my name without looking at the name tag. We had dinner with a family from Peru and even though it was Thanksgiving leftovers, it was still great.

Saturday, the member that was supposed to take us to district meeting the day before had brought the other two to Newburgh, and he felt really bad for forgetting so he took us out to lunch at Jimmy Johns.

Sunday, there weren't that many people at church when it started, but by the time the opening prayer and song were over the chapel was almost full. In Sunday school, we had over 20 people in class, it was great. We even had one family come that for as long as I've been here only the wife has come, but it was her, her husband, their son that lives with them and two of their kids from Utah were there along with a daughter in-law and their two kids. From what the branch president told us later, the husband is planning on coming to full activity in the church.

All of this made for a really good week.

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

Front row: Sister Mcknight, Hermana Spencer, Sister 
(Sorry, I can't remember her name), Sister Barker, 
Hermana Corona, Sister Bogardus, Hermana Milligan, Member.
Back row: Elder Sorensen, Elder Permann, Elder Patten (ZL), 
Elder Long Elder Riphenburg (ZL), Elder Durrant

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