Monday, November 21, 2016

E-mail 11/21/2016

"Weather Announcement: You enjoyed that warm weather? Well, it's gone now. Time to pull out your sweaters, coats, wool socks, and everything else. Unless you're one of "those" people who like the cold, well, good for you, I'm going to stay warm.

Tuesday, we had dinner with an active family who's four boys make up half the primary. Well needless to say, they were hyper, and as always I felt right at home.

Wednesday, us and the Reeds went to the Sunday School President's home because him and his wife, and all of us are in charge of the Branch Christmas Party, and it will be interesting with the ideas that were thrown around.

Thursday, I cant remember what happened that day.

Friday, was a very interesting day. First, never let your companion talk you into procrastinating washing the car when you're supposed to, because you wake up the morning of a meeting with a dirty car. So we drove to Evansville for Zone Conference, and I accidentally missed our turn and ended up driving down a 10 mile gravel road, so our already dirty car got a lot more durty. So we tried to go by a car wash before we went to the church, well every car wash we tried was closed so we just went to the church with a really dirty car. Yeah that's never happening again. Zone Conference was awesome. President Brough first shared this year's Christmas initiative, and we got the pass along cards to go with it started this Friday. Then He talked about the "Doctrine of Expectation", that was very informative. After that, the Stake President talked to us about "A partnership with the Lord" and shared scriptures from Exodus and Moses. For lunch, they fed us rice and meatballs, it was interesting. Back to the meeting. President then gave us another training on making sure someone is truly converted, and how the baptismal interview questions are based off of D&C 20:37. Last, the zone leaders gave a training on how to introduce the Book of Mormon. After the meeting, we started an exchange and headed back to Tell City. On the way there a member texted us asking if we had dinner plans, of course we said no, so he told us that he would pick us up. He took us to a buffet for the sole purpose that I could try frog legs, another check off of my bucket list, they're pretty good, like fishy chicken.

Saturday, I was excited because I would finally be able to ride my bike for the first time I've been in Tell City, but I couldn't find my helmet. After not touching it for months, it just disappeared. So we just walked around, and I even put a sweater on because it was chilly. Then we ended the exchange, a member brought us some groceries, and we saw a few more people.

Sunday, we had the primary program, and it was so sweet seeing the 7 or 8 children doing their parts. After church Elder Reed, Elder Long and I went to a sisters home to give her a blessing. We then had our studies and lunch, and I wasn't feeling too good, so I laid my head on my desk and just rested. Elder Long was convinced that I was asleep, so he tried to scare me with an alarm clock and video me jumping, but what he doesn't know is that I could hear him walking around, and that alarm clocks don't make me jump. So as he was laughing at me for "falling asleep" on my desk, I was inwardly laughing at him because the joke was on him.

Love y'all
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

Wanted to wish everyone a 
Happy Thanksgiving from Tell City Indiana!

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