Monday, December 12, 2016

E-mail 12/12/2016

It got really cold, really fast over here, I! Don't! Like! It!

Monday, we were asked to help set up the Christmas tree at the church. I forgot what it was like to decorate with women, everything had to be done a certain way, and they told us they didn't want it to look like it was just slapped on. Giving my grin, I replied, that's exactly what's happening. Everyone got a good laugh. Well luckily for us we had to get going because there were things we had to get done.

Tuesday, we started our master plan, our plan to get in with less actives. One word; Cookies! We have made SO many cookies, but it's working. We have gotten in with so many people, never underestimate the power of cookies. Well we also had a Christmas card, an invitation to the branch Christmas party, and a Light the World card. For dinner a member invited us over and boy, that place was hard to find. They live out in the woods down a long driveway and their house isn't even visible from the road, but they have a very beautiful cabin that they built. They fed us pulled pork sandwiches, but instead of pork it was venison and it was good! After dinner, they had mentioned that they were having trouble getting their phones to connect to their cars so we offered to do it for them. It took us under a minute to get hers all set up, but after 20-30 minutes with his, we finally gave up because we had to get home.

Wednesday, we baked a ton of cookies and took them around to people and even got into one home that we've been trying the whole time I've been here. They were really friendly and the wife even said that we were lucky to catch them because she's not normally home at that time of the week. They even gave us some potato soup and said we could come back.

Thursday we were getting ready to go to Zone meeting when Elder Reed called us and said that a member had had a heart attack and wanted a blessing, so we dash over but just barely missed her. They were flying her over to Evansville, so we were going there anyway and headed over. Well somehow we beet the helicopter to the hospital and waited with the family, and waited and waited and waited. Finally the helicopter showed up and took her right into surgery. After another 30 or so minutes they finished and we were able to give her the blessing. Then we left and finally made it to the last 10 minutes of Zone meeting. Afterwards the Reeds took us out for lunch then we went home.

Friday, we made and delivered more cookies. Later we had coordination.

Saturday, we went to the church and filled up the font for a little girl getting baptized, so we did that and helped out with it. Then that evening we went over to some members that we had lost contact with, so we went up there and gave them their cookies. She apologized for not getting back with us being a very busy time. Well they also feed us "Poor mans stew" and it was really good. Then we helped them bring in their Christmas tree and asked him when his brother would be home (he lives next door with his family) and they said to try by the next night.

Sunday, it was interesting with quite a few people missing, being sick, but we still had a decent crowd. After church Sister Reed asked us to pick out our costumes for the Christmas party program, and immediately I saw what I wanted, I grabbed a long peace of material, throw it over my shoulder and put the belt around my waist and wala! (I will be Samuel the Lamanite. We are doing were it will be from both the Book of Mormon and the Bible.) Well that evening we went to the brothers house and took them cookies, and this was my first time meeting him. They were really nice, and after they sent the kids out of the room, told us that she would like us to teach her, so we got really excited, and taught her some right then. We set up a return appointment and they said they would even feed us! Who ever said that cookies were on the dark side was sadly mistaken.
Funniest thing I saw this week, someone quoting a TV show.
"How do you know He was the Flash?"
"He was SO nice. He was either a superhero or a Mormon."

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

Rome Indiana, population 36, how many living things we saw, a goat and a rooster.


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