Monday, December 19, 2016

E-mail 12/19/2016

The south is really really weird, this week we have had freezing weather, then it wanted to have a summer thunderstorm one day then back to freezing temperatures. Next, I think their definition of a drought is different then ours. For the past two or three months they've said we've been in a drought, but the Ohio River has risen at least 10 feet. The Ohio River! It's a half a mile across! Has risen 10 feet! That's a lot of water! Anyway this was my week.

Tuesday, we made the last few cookies we needed to take around and we've seen everyone we intended to but one. We were planning to see them today but a family emergency came up and we had to reschedule with them again. But as we were driving to someone else's home that lived outside of town, I was reminded why I like taller vehicles. I really like the Nesson Altima that we get to drive, but it makes it easier for people to high beam us, and they don't get the hint when I tap the brakes. But we made it to our destination safely and delivered the cookies.

Wednesday, we had interviews with President and his wife, and I think I hit a personal record for longest interviews. This was the first time I actually had a conversation with them as we talked, it was nice. After we got home, we walked around a bit, talking with people, then tried by a few but no one was really home.

Thursday, we did our weekly planning, walked around talking with people, drove out to see if we could get in with a family, but unfortunately we were unable to. So we drove back and helped the Reeds fill the bags for Saturday, and this was the first time I've ever seen more stuff be put in the adult bags then in the kids' bags.

Friday, we were going around doing our normal rounds, trying by different people, then went over to the church to set up, and boy was that stressful. We got everything set up as far as we could, then got out of the way, waiting for one of the sisters to tell us what they wanted moved next, we were just sitting there joking back and forth, when the sister in charge called at as, asking why we weren't doing anything, so we told her exactly why. We had moved everything that had been asked of us to that point and didn't want to get in trouble for moving something we weren't supposed to. So she gave us a job, filling the last couple bags with things (we ran out of a few things the day before), and not two minutes later another sister walked into the room we were in and got after us for doing that when there was heavy things that needed to be moved in the main room. We just couldn't win that night, but it was finally all done.

Saturday, was a very interesting day, this whole week the temperature has been averaging around 20 degrees with a 10 degree or less wind chill. But today we had a high of 63 with scattered rain showers. So the Christmas party is at 5, but around 3 the rain started picking up and the severe weather sirens went off. We're thinking that this could be bad especially since there was a tornado watch warning on the weather app. But it started calming down and we went to the church to practice for the play with the primary. It was the birth of the Savior from the perspective of the Book of Mormon, I was Samuel the Lamanite of course, and Elder Hendricks was Nephi. As we were sitting there Sister Reed started handing out music sheets, and we gave a formal protest on that, ok it wasn't formal at all, but we weren't going to be singing. The storm did pick back up with vengeance, other then that, the evening went by really well and there was lots of good food.

Sunday, the temperature dropped back down to the 20's and the night before the branch president said there is a chance that church would be canceled if the roads were too bad, but the Lord provided a miracle. Even after all the rain we had, the roads were dry except for a few small ice spots, so we were able to have church. Afterwards we decided to walk around a bit just to show everyone how crazy we were, nay, we wanted to see if anyone was outside that we could talk to/ help out, but most people wisely stayed inside. Then that evening we went to see the family from last week, the Mitchell's, and after they feed us lasagna (mmm! so good) we shared with them the plan of salvation and she really liked it. The spirit was there and she appears as if she really wants to except it, but is still too nervous about the whole thing, but she asks really good questions. Afterwards when we were setting up a return appointment, I mentioned how next Sunday was Christmas and we figured they would not want to meet that day, but after they looked over their schedule, they asked us if we were busy that night, well we went so next week we will be teaching them on Christmas day!

Well, that was my fun, exciting, and freezing week.

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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