Monday, December 26, 2016

E-mail 12/26/2016

I've heard this rumor that it's supposed to be winter, but all I see is spring what with this 60 degree weather.

Tuesday, not a whole lot happened that day, we walked around town talking with people, I got a haircut, and we went to go see people.

Wednesday, Elder Hendricks woke up not feeling too good, but we still went out talking and he was doing ok, but when we got home he took a "short" nap and woke up feeling a little better. Then it was time for dinner and we were happily making waffles when we got a phone call from President Brough. I answered the phone and talked with him for a minute, him being his normal happy self, then he told me that our district leaders companion was returning home due to medical reasons and our district leader, Elder Permann, would need a companion for a few day. He asked if we wouldn't mind being a trio, well we had nothing against it so we agreed. We then went back to eating our waffles. After dinner we went to an older couples home and played Phase 10 with them, then went home to great our guests. We had four other missionaries spending the night, one of which is my favorite Samoan, Elder Matealu! And we stayed up late talking, but I made sure that I was in bed before midnight because I was the designated driver.

Thursday, was a cold frosty day and we were all out the door by 7:30 going to New Albany IN, for the mission Christmas conference! It was a blast, unfortunately my camera didn't have the charge I thought it did so I was only able to get recordings of a couple of the activities, so I will have to get the others from those that did record it. Afterwards we packed up Elder Permann with us and made a few quick stops before we went home because we were in Elder Matealu's old area and made it home safe with only a few non-lethal incidents.

Friday, we went around talking with people then went and saw some of the older members that hadn't been feeling too well lately and visited with then for a little while. Played card again then packed up and went to Jasper (Elder Permann's area) and taught a lesson that night to one of his investigators who is getting baptized this coming Saturday.

Saturday, we went to a members home and played some foosball/air hockey/table tennis with them and some other members of their ward for an hour. Then went to another members home to teach the young man from the night before. After lunch we went to the town square and started walking around talking with people and as we were starting there was this ice cream place that looked good (remember, it's like 55 degrees outside) and as we were passing, this lady stuck her head out the door and said "Hey Elders! Could I buy you some ice cream?" You know me, I won't turn down ice cream, so we went in and as we were getting some she was asking us questions about where we were from and stuff (she is a member that's new to the area) and she found out the Elder Permann was from the same town her grandparents were from and all that fun stuff and we ended up talking with her and her friends for about 20 minutes or so. Then later as we were talking with people, there was one lady that I talked to that told me she was "churched out" then she explained. She told us that she use to be apart of this church where, I can't remember his name but he was the purple Kool-Aid guy, so that was an interesting experience. Then that evening we went back to the members home that we first went to and had dinner with them and played Mexican train ride with them. At first I was keeping a strong lead but by the end I feel hard to fourth of seven. Oh well.

Sunday we went to church in Jasper and they had a nice little program. Then went home packed our stuff and came back to Tell City and called home, I know I had a great time and everyone loved seeing this beautiful mug of mine! We then quickly went to one family's Christmas dinner, but unfortunately we had to eat and dash, then went up the teach a lesson that went really well. I didn't think we would make it there because a huge fog cloud came rolling in and it was really hard to see especially in backwoods roads. On the way home we decided it would be best if Elder Hendricks drove because he is a much more experienced driver and it was a good thing too because as soon as I got in the car I started feeling nauseous, and it just got worse the more we drove, so it was a really good thing I didn't drive. On the plus side I didn't lose my stomach, so that was good.

Well, that was my exciting week, let's see what this one has in store.

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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