Monday, December 5, 2016

E-mail 12/05/2016

Greetings, it's cold here, but probably not as cold as wherever it is that you're reading this.

Tuesday, started off interesting, it was transfers and my new companion was coming down from Robinson Illinois. The plan was for the Reeds to drive us to the top of the area and we were going to meet up with them, pick up Elder Hendricks and his ride was going to take Elder Long the rest of the way to Louisville, then the Reeds take us back down to Tell City. It was a great plan, the best plan (he he he), that is until they tell us that they are running an hour behind, so the Reeds decided to just take us to Louisville and pick up Elder Hendricks there. I was just fine with that, I was able to see some missionaries that I hadn't seen in awhile. On the way back, they feed us breakfast at Wendy's, then when we got home we spent the rest of that day and the next doing a deep clean, because the apartment needed it badly.

Wednesday, see above paragraph. We also went to a members home to plan more of the Christmas party.

Thursday, we did a lot of walking, and walking, aaaaand walking. Then I started introducing Elder Hendricks to members.

Friday was a repeat of Thursday, plus district meeting.

Saturday, we were doing some more walking and decided to head to the church, and we got there just after the Reeds. They were there to clean the church, so we did what we needed to do then helped them out. Later we had stopped by the Relief Society Presidents home and talked with her for a little bit. She had asked us to go visit someone else, so we headed over there and start walking around the area trying to find the members home, but that's wasn't working, so as we were stepping off the road for a car that was coming behind us and to make a call to someone who would know, the car stopped beside us and it was the Reeds! Turns out, they were just by the members home and showed us were it was. Then the last thing for the day, we went to Bro. Zellers home and had coordination and introduced Elder Hendricks.

Sunday was good, tons of people gave there testimonies and everyone was excited to meet Elder Hendricks. After church when everyone else had left, Elder Hendricks suggested I practice the piano, so I sat down and started playing. He made the comment that he wished he knew how to play the piano, so we found a hymns made easy, and I showed him were to start and how to read the notes and for the next hour and a half he practiced. That evening, I thought that the Christmas Devotional was at 6 my time so we went to the church, and turned on the TV that was already set up, and it showed that there was still an hour before it started, so Elder Hendricks practiced for half an hour then I practiced for half an hour. Then we watched the Devotional.

A little bit about Elder Hendricks: He is from Bountiful Utah, he is the middle of five kids, he has been out for a little over a year, and we have had two similar companions. I replaced him when I went to Newburgh with Elder Crystal, and then he and Elder Painter were MTC companions. He is the first missionary that I knew before I became companions with him and we are both nerdy in similar and different ways so we have lots to talk about. I am excited for this transfer.

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

This sword is Bro. Embrey's, it's a replica of
Gandalf's sword from Lord of the Rings.

This sword is Bro. Embrey's, it's a replica of 
Gandalf's sword has while signing books.
This is a 5 car passenger train that is next to 
a flood wall next to the Ohio River.

This is the Embreys, they are the ones we are 
planning the Christmas Pparty with. 
And that is there grandson, 
his dad is the one on the stairs.

Me and Elder Hendricks on our first P-Day.
Our district

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