Monday, January 9, 2017

E-mail 01/09/2017

Good by 50 degree weather, hello -5 degrees 

Tuesday, we were trying by a ton of potential investigators and were able to set up some return appointments, and that was pretty much our day, walking until we were too tired to walk anymore.

Wednesday, we had dinner with a less active and he was friendly, said we can come back but made it quite clear that he had no interest in coming back to church, so that is unfortunate. Afterwards we went to the older couples home and played cards and that's always a ton of fun.

Thursday, we had the first snow storm of the season, and by snow storm I mean we got between 1/4 to 1/2 inch of snow, but all the schools were closed for the day and it got really cold. We did our weekly planning, then tried by the return appointments we had set up but they all fell through.

Friday, it was really cold again, like single digits to the negatives with a wind chill. Well we had Zone Meeting, that was great, then in the evening we had dinner with a less active part member family, mmm meatloaf! Well we have been working with them and are now getting a consistent schedule with them.

Saturday, we decided we hadn't been to Kentucky in a while, so there were people we went to see/find and as we were driving we got a text, I am being transferred to Henderson Kentucky.  So I am staying in the zone just a different district. We stopped by some people letting them know, then I spent the last bit of the evening packing.

Sunday, I got to let everyone know I was leaving, it felt good everyone telling me I'd be missed, but the one that always makes me feel great is when the Bishop/Branch President tells you that they appreciate all the work you've done there. Then we were going to go see the Mitchell's that we have been teaching, but he let us know that she was feeling sick so we rescheduled for next week, so we went to the other Mitchell's and visited with them for a little bit.

Now today is consisting of finishing packing.

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

Me, Elder Matealu, and Elder Mcintosh

Saturday morning

My Christmas tree

Brother Embrey, Me
 (no one thought to tell me my hair was a mess) 
Sister Embery
Sister Skeen (the RS president) and I
This is the other Mitchell family
Best one, because I was the only one that knew 
it was being done, everyone else didn't.
Brother Leibering, Me, Sister Leibering
Elder and Sister Reed, and of course Me.
The Zone

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