Monday, January 23, 2017

E-mail 01/22/2017

You know, I've heard that Mother Nature once said "You can't fit all three seasons in one week." Well Indiana/Kentucky replied "challenge accepted!" This week went from the 30's to the mid 70's in a matter of days, and now it's leveling off at about 50 degrees.

So not a whole lot happened this week, but we did get to go on an exchange Thursday. I went to Madisonville with Elder Matealu, and we did what we could, but he was having some leg problems so we weren't able to get everything done that he was hoping for. But first we went to the Salvation Army to do some service (apparently the Salvation Army is a church, who knew?), they have a place like the D.I. It was fun and everyone was joking around, but there was this one guy that saw me and must have thought "fresh meat" or something, so he was trying to give me a hard time, but I gave him a good run for his money and he only stumped me once, so if someone could please explain to me how 2 and 2 = 24, I would be very appreciative. Then that evening we went to see one of their investigators who live at a place where everyone is not completely there but enough so that they can still interact with others. After we taught him a super cool lesson, his roommate wanted to show off his Yo-Gi-Oh cards and wanted to play Elder Matealu with his best deck. He told him if Elder Matealu beat him with that deck he could keep the one that he used to do it. The guy we taught wanted to show me his, but I was glad he didn't ask me if I wanted to play because I don't know how to. Well when we left Elder Matealu had a new deck of cards and I still didn't know how to play.

Friday, we had district meeting and the zone leaders came so we got a picture of the three stooges.

Saturday, we had lunch with the zone leaders at this little family Mexican place and it was really good. I got this massive burrito that filled be up, and then when we went to pay, the guy said someone else had already paid for us, that was really nice and awesome of whoever did it. We then spent the rest of the day seeing people and getting stuff done.

That's the highlights of my week.

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

Front row, left to right: Elder Lundgreen, Elder McIntosh,
Elder Grossman (ZL), Elder Matealu
Back row, left to right : Elder Ludwig, Elder Durrant,
Elder Harris, Elder Robinson (ZL)
The three stooges are back together!
Elder Durrant, Elder Matealu, & Elder Robinson (ZL) 
This is a picture of one of the lizards we feed 
at a place where we do service.

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