Monday, January 2, 2017

E-mail 01/02/2017

Wow! I can't believe I haven't talked with y'all since last year! I really need to do better at that.

Tuesday, we drove up to Jasper and on the way up, the assistants texted (they being the other Elder's transportation) and said they would be late, so we hung out at the apartment until they got there. After that we went home but took a detour to stop at a members home. Since the GPS was set for the shortest distance we got to go on some interesting back roads. In the end we made it home safe. That evening we walked a dog with a former investigator that we ran into at Wal-Mart and got to know her. It's funny, we met her husband and he looks just like "The Dude" aka Jeffrey Lebowski.

Wednesday, we walked the dog again, and played cards, turns out Elder Hendricks is really good at Phase 10.

Thursday, we had our weekly planning, then got stood up by a couple people.

Friday, we had district meeting and Elder Permann had everyone give a short training on the Christlike attributes, so our 1 1/2 hour meeting turned into a little over 2 hours. Later our appointment texted us and they had to reschedule, and then to top of the day I cut Elder Hendricks' hair.

Saturday, we went and visited with some of the members that lived way out there, that have fun talking with us, and he showed us some guns he recently bought. We went and visited with some other members, then went in and listened to the fireworks that went off at midnight. That was much nicer to hear then gunshots going off at midnight like last year.

Sunday, church was interesting, not only was there not very many people there because people are getting sick left and right (no, neither one of us are), plus with it being New Years, lots of people probably slept in. Also it wasn't announced last week that it wasn't going to be fast Sunday, so the branch president and one of His councilors gave talks. Then we went over to a members home and we ended up spending some time there fellowshipping because it was a family gathering and there were less actives we've been trying to work with and nonmembers there as well. Everything was going great until they brought out the karaoke things... and guess who everyone really wanted to hear sing? The missionaries. Well we kept declining and other people were singing and others were playing the guitar, then the thought stuck me, this would actually be a great way to build trust with everyone and the Mama would love it, so I swallowed my pride (that was really bitter) and sung “I need thee every hour” and I can't remember the other one.

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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