Monday, March 6, 2017

E-mail 03/06/2017

Kentucky missionaries sang as they walked and walked and walked and did I mention they walked?

Tuesday, we walked around part of our area trying to find people that are in our records and members who we are trying to see. Then we drove over to a referral for someone who wanted a bible. They were happy to receive it and were willing to listen to our message. At first they thought we were Gideonites, but we corrected that. Well we tried to share the message, but every time we would state part of a principle, they would start talking about how amazing their kids are, how great God is, and how much they love their church. After 40 minutes of very little progress, we left them a restoration pamphlet and set up a return appointment with the hopes that they would read it and actually listen. Then we did service at the Salvation Army, met with a less active family with the Relief Society President, and lastly had dinner with some members.

Tuesday night, so apparently there was supposed to be a huge storm and tornado watch/warning, so everyone was worried about it, but I've been waiting for this my whole mission. They have had so many false alarms that I told Elder Peterson that if it can wake me up, then I'll be impressed, because after sharing a room with 6 brothers, I've learned to sleep through most things.

Wednesday, slept the whole night, I was a little disappointed actually. Oh well. We were about to start planning when Elder Matealu called and reminded us that district meeting was changed to Wednesday and that we were going to go on an exchange afterwards. So we finish planning and studies, then I packed up some stuff and we went to Madisonville for district meeting. I stayed in Madisonville with Elder Pryor and we were able to get a lot of stuff done. Then we had dinner/coordination meeting with their ward mission leader.

Thursday, we did some service at their Salvation Army, and when we were almost done a member called and asked if we wanted to go to a buffet with him. We drove over and met him there and he told us that he feels less guilty eating at a buffet when he's with other people. We then drove up to Madisonville to end the exchange. We tried by some people, had an appointment fall through, then had our coordination meeting.

Friday, we had our weekly planning, then we did A LOT of walking, lucky it was such a nice day. One of the unfortunate things about the location of our apartment is to get to most of our area we have to walk along the highway a ways to get to a crossing spot. Also, you know traffic is bad when you are passing cars by just walking. Well we had a somewhat successful walk. We determined whether a few members still live at the address or not. Then in the evening we tried by some potentials. Didn't get in with anyone but some told us to come back the next week and they seem promising.

Saturday, we had the return appointment with the family from Tuesday, but their kids answered the door and told us that now isn't a good time, but we couldn't set up a return appointment, and just because of the situation, the honesty of it is questionable. Later we saw a less active member, he's pretty funny. But on the way there we saw this guy swerving, so we kept our distance, and then he hit a pole so we pulled over and the people that were right there called 911. Everyone walked away ok, so that worked out.

Sunday, church was really good, then afterwards we had lunch with the Relief Society President and her husband, tried by some people and stuff.

Well that's my week.

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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