Monday, March 20, 2017

E-mail 03/20/2017

It's been a good week. It must still be planting/nurturing season though, because we haven't started harvesting yet.

Tuesday, we have been breaking up our area into sections and will try by everyone in that area, and that's what we did Tuesday morning. Then after lunch we went tracting, and we started a game, that another missionary taught me, well we did it. Tracting Ball. You knock up to three doors and if someone answers, even if they don't accept our message, you get a point and it's the next persons turn. If no one answers you "strike out" and then it's the next persons turn. It adds some excitement to our long days, the only problem is Elder Peterson is far too lucky at it for my liking and he beats me almost every time. We then did our service at the Salvation Army. Afterwards we had dinner with a member, took some cookies to some less actives, then tried by others to finish off the day. Oh we also had a few snow flurries.

Wednesday, we had interviews. It's always good to see President and Sister Brough, but you know you don't have much time when President starts making trunky jokes at you. He said "Elder Durrant! I can barely see you, you have so little time left." Thanks President. At least Sister Brough hasn't yet, because when that happens you know you're doomed. Anyway, we had a good chat and I got my temple recommend renewed. Afterwards, we had lunch and then had a "Three Dragon Tsunami Blitz". The whole district went to Greenville to work the area to help them out. Elder Peterson and Elder Matealu stayed in Greenville tracting and contacting. Elder Pryor and Stuart took the Greenville car and worked in one side of the area. Then Elder Lundgreen and myself took the Madisonville car and worked a different part of the area, and I was able to drive because Elder Lundgreen didn't have his car login yet. Afterwards we all met at a members home and reviewed how it went for everyone then had dinner.

Thursday, we did our service at the park, and that's always a ton of fun. Later we saw the less active that we read with, but before we could get started his grandkids came by. We then worked the area close by and again I lost at "tracting ball". Then that evening we had coordination.

Friday, we had our weekly planning, continued to work and tract, had dinner with a member, then tracted some more. But I actually won, so that was ok.

Saturday, we did service with the branch picking up trash in one of the nearby towns and since we don't get out there much we also took our proselyting clothes, found somewhere to change, then worked the area for a little bit. Then went home, had lunch, planned for the rest of the day then had our personal study since we weren't able to do it in the morning. After, we tried by some people, did our service at the Salvation Army and spent the rest of the day trying to find people.

Sunday, we had branch conference, and I was able to see some people from the Newburgh ward. Then afterwards we had a potluck, that was really good and we got leftovers! Afterwards we were planning on trying by a ton of people but this unholy ritual was going on on TV. But we were able to get in with one member a visit with them for a little. It always makes for a long day when UK is playing a game. Later we went on splits with some members and visited some less active members, and we did that for most of the evening. Lastly we had received a referral from a member to one of her friends, but unfortunately they were not yet ready.

That's been my week. I hope everyone had a good one.

Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

These were posted on Facebook by the member who feed the 3 groups of missionaries.

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