Monday, March 27, 2017

E-mail 03/27/2017

It's really hard to motivate myself to write an email because I'm so tired. But then I remind myself that it's for the Momma :)

Tuesday, The highlights of the day were when we had lunch with a member. It's always fun to be around him because he has grandpa humor. Then we did service at the Salvation Army.

Wednesday, we had weekly planning, then the rest of the day was finding.

Thursday, we did service at the park and fed the animals. One of the snakes finally ate after four months, and it was amusing watching it swallow. Then when we fed the birds one of the hawks landed on my glove in such a way that it pinned my hand closed, that was fun. Then I beat the barn owl in a staring contest. All tremble at my stare! Afterwards the lady in charge took us to lunch, it was nice of her. The rest of the day was filled with finding, reading the scriptures with the member, and coordination.

Friday, we had Zone Conference, and it was really good, the zone leaders trained on conversion, President Brough first trained on repentance, and that's also what the Stake President talked about for a few minutes. Lunch was really good, it was homemade chili and it was the Newburgh Ward that took care of it, so it was fun seeing people. I was reminded that it is possible to live in a shadow's shadow. Elder Hendricks, who served in Newburgh before me, was overlooked by the members just because he was standing next to me, go figure. Anyway, after lunch, President introduced us to this Easter's initiative, and it's looking to be another great one. Then President gave an in-depth discussion on the keys and authority of the priesthood, it was pretty cool. At the end they always have the soon to depart missionaries give their testimony, so I went up there and I was the only one to go up because I am at least two transfers older then anyone else in the zone. Someone asked me how that felt, and in humility I paused for effect then said "Powerful!" It was funny.
After zone conference I went on my last exchange of my mission with Elder Matealu and we had a blast! I also drove for the last time because Elder Matealu can't drive, and I experienced rush hour traffic over a bridge with a small wreck on the other side so there were a ton of rubber neckers.

Saturday, we spent most of the day trying to tract but needing to avoid the rain, but we did teach one of their investigators. Then that evening we drove back to Henderson and ended the exchange and Elder Peterson and I tracted a neighborhood and ran into a lady who tried to convince us of the error of our ways, and after awhile of that not working she asked if we were raised in the church and we answered that we were so she mumbles to herself "that's the problem". I did what I felt was the appropriate response, I laughed, and showed her how that didn't sting. The sad part of the whole thing was that her heart was so hardened against the restoration that she wouldn't let the spirit testify to her.

Sunday, it was kind of a slow day. Elder Peterson had taught a lady on the exchange who was planning on coming to church, but as we were with a member to pick her up she called to let us know that she was sick, so that was disappointing, but the rest of church was good. That evening we went tracting again and gave a Book of Mormon to one lady who said she'd read it, but didn't accept a return appointment. Another guy did accept a return appointment though so it will be interesting to see if he progresses.

Well, that's my week.

#Prince of Peace

Love y'all!
Elder Durrant
Great Kentucky Louisville Mission

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