Tuesday, May 26, 2015

E-mail 05/26/2015

     So it's going to be a short letter this week.
     This week's 2 big highlights are on Wednesday, we had the new missionary training meeting, which was mainly just a check up on how we are doing, but it was still really fun.  Plus it was in Indiana, the good part, not like up north where the "other" people go.  So I have now been in 6 states UT, ID, WY, GA, KY, and the last one, IN.
     Well on Thursday we had a mission wide meeting where all the missionaries in this mission came, and we had Elder Zwick of the seventy and Brother Hemingway who is in charge of the proselyting part of the mission board, I think, come to talk to us, it was amazing.  Then afterwords everyone was asked to get something quick to eat and then get back to where they needed to go.  Me, my companion, and the two zone leaders were some of the last to leave and we went to Arby's and across the street we saw half of the missionaries at Panda Express.  When we left, there where some who were just ordering, so the moral of the story is, even if Panda was good, it's not that good.
     Transfers was today, but I am staying here for at least 6 more weeks.
Love you all.
Elder Durrant

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