Monday, June 1, 2015

E-mail 06/01/2015

     What a week!
     First off, my hands have not caught on fire yet for having an Apple Ipad, but there's still time for that to happen, and no Adam you can't do it.  But we got them on Friday and Elder Chandler would get one of the only ones that don't work, so I have to keep an eye on mine until he gets his.
     Well one of the cool things that happened to me and Elder Chandler this week, we are teaching a deaf lady, and I couldn't help but think that it would be nice to have Shari here to translate, but things are working out fine, and who knew that the gift of tongues could happen with sign language, but it can!
     Then on Saturday, we went to a wedding that was interesting, the ceremony was a mixes of Christen and Celtic and the food was Italian.  Then we went over to an Eagle court of honor, and I was asked to sit in the "Eagle's nest" (Where everyone that got theirs sat) because I was told to, but I think the whole thing is just really funny how it happened! :)
     It's cool, we have three people with a baptismal date.  The Lady with the soonest, well, there are things going on that sometimes I just want to (and I'm sure MANY people can relate to this) grab the devil by the scruff of the neck and say while shaking him about "Leave her alone!!!!"  But she is going to get baptized anyway because she knows it's true.
     I do have to say that when I heard that Elder Parry past away, it hit me hard, because the last Apostle to die that I remember was President Hinckley, but it will be awesome to see who will be the next Apostle.
     In the last two weeks I have come to several conclusions:
1. They get WAY to much rain over here.
2. The ground out here is too soft, I feel like I'm going to fall in.
3. People out here (at lest here in E-town) don't fry everything.
4. People out here like to put bacon on, in, and over a lot of things, which I'm not complaining about.
     Well stay tuned next week for another exciting adventures of Elder Durrant. 

Love you all!
Elder Durrant

I believe they are making a third bridge from KY to IN  
There is something wrong with this picture.

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