Monday, June 22, 2015

E-mail 06/22/2015

     Hey Y'all!
     Nope, still sounds weird.
     Well not a whole lot got done this week, we've had A LOT of rain, and with taking time to work with the Ipads, it's been a slow week.
     Well this last week we went on exchanges with our District leader.  He was here in my area, and Elder Chandler went with his companion to their area.  The Lord must not want me in a car area, or he's teaching me a lesson, or something, but only once have I been in a car area doing work, but it doesn't matter, as long as I'm where the Lord wants me to be, I'm not going to complain.
     Last night we had an awesome lightning storm.  It would light up the sky every few seconds, but it was so far away that there wasn't that many thunder cracks.  Most of the ones that did make a boom, made a BOOM!  It was awesome!!!
     Well I just wanted to wish Seth a Happy 16th Birthday! and a Happy Father's Day to you Dad!
     It's so weird, this is the start of my 11th week out here, but it feels like I've been out here a lot longer than that. But I guess that means this will be the quickest, slow 2 years of my life so far.
     Well the scripture and thought I wanted to share this week is:
Alma 56:10 & 48
   10 And I did join my two thousand sons, (for they are worthy to be called sons) to the army of Antipus...
The part where he says "for they are worthy to be called sons" was one of those things I never really saw before, and it made me think, they where worthy to be called the sons of their Fathers, the sons of Moroni, and above all they where worthy to be called the sons of God. So what I would like to leave you all with is, we all should strive to be worthy to be called the Children of God and Children of are Parents.

And they rehearsed unto me the words of their mothers (and fathers), saying: We do not doubt our mothers (and fathers) knew it.

Love you all!
Elder Durrant

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