Monday, June 8, 2015

E-mail 06/08/2015

     What A week!
     Well not much happened for the first few day's of the week, but part of Friday and Saturday we've been helping this member trim his hedges to 10 feet, these things ranged in height from 10 1/2 feet to 14 feet if not taller, and we might be going back today, if this rain would stop, (there is way too much water around here!)  I am really sore, but I have realized something, I really do miss lawn work, but I know for a fact that this work will last longer than any lawn will.
     Last Saturday, the other Missionaries here in E-town had a baptism that we went to, which was fun.  We are hoping to have one of our own soon.
     Sunday I had me first BBQ for the year, that was fun.
     I have found out that some plants in the East are very confused, they like to loose their leafs in the spring and first part of summer, not in the fall.
     It was funny, that guy we are teaching because Elder Chandler fell off his bike, we where at his house the other day and was showing him some of the Mormon Messages and Bible video's, and when he saw the one where Jesus was coming the storm, he loved it and said to someone else that was there (he leaned over to us and said "this be in Black people terms") "Jesus be all like why you all tripping yo?" It was awesome!
     Well this week we were going to be having a mission tour with Elder Zwick, but it was postponed until August, we can only speculate why, but it will be exciting when it does happen.
Love you all!
Elder Durrant

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